How to Re-Decorate Your Vanity

Just recently I was inspired to redecorate my vanity/desk space and make it actually look pretty awesome. I have loved redecorating and organizing ever since I was little. I remember always re-painting my room; it went from white, to yellow, purple, and now mint green. Now that school has officially started in my town (ughhh), I was wanting to get some pre-school cleaning and reorganizing done. 

Starting out with the main piece of furniture, my desk, I think my mom bought it for me a while back at an Estate Sale. So, I'm not for sure where you can exactly find it but, there are many white desks similar to this one out there. I used to use it as an actual desk and now I just do all of my homework at school or on my bed. It works amazingly as a vanity, though. 

I love my little mint green, metal basket I bought from Target a while ago. I think baskets are great to store stuff in as well as displaying cute things like perfume and brushes, too! 
If you happen to get makeup or hot tools on your vanity a lot, I would recommend investing in a glass table top. The one I have is from Ikea and it was pretty inexpensive and has lasted for about a year now. I love it because it's easy to clean. However, DO NOT place hot tools on top of the glass. I had an incident last year with an older glass top where I left a curling iron on and it completely shattered. 

What I personally think a vanity 100% needs is some type of mirror. It doesn't have to be so expensive either! I know how much mirrors cost nowadays. All you need is a reliable, makeup mirror. It's simple and minimal for your space! This one from Target has it's own light, too which is really good when doing night makeup. 
I'm a sucker for all things hanging. I love having these cute terrarium, bubble-like things hanging from my shelf. I bought these at a boutique but, here are some inexpensive ones I found on Amazon. I fill them with special rocks and geodes as well as some air plants which you can buy from Home Depot and never water that much. 

I also have this silhouette chandelier piece that I bought from an antique store and I love it so much. It adds a very classy look and the terrariums add a nice touch of modernity to it.
On my shelf I have a few knick-knacks which I kind of move around and rearrange every now and then. I have this gold terrarium which I also bought from Target. I found a similar one, here.  I added some fairy lights into it and it gives a little light and looks really cute.

Then I have my Victoria's Secret dog and some magazines, more fairy lights, candle holders and a turquoise clock. I also love stacking books up on a shelf to give it more depth and dimension. Add your own personal touch to any shelf! 
Being more organized with your vanity means buying some containers to make everything have it's own place. I found some similar drawer organizers to the ones I bought from Target a while ago, here. They're such a life saver! I can organize all of my makeup into sections and not have to worry about scrimmaging through my stuff in the mornings.  

I hope you guys found some inspirations and helpful tips for any of you wanting to up your desk or vanity space! I am really proud of what I did and hopefully I don't keep on changing it around (not promised). What's something you absolutely have to have on your vanity?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. Love these photos and this has seriously inspired me to look at my vanity and redecorate it :)


  2. I love your hanging terrariums!
    Kathy x