The Beauty of Living Outdoors | Camp 2k16 Photo Journal

I am back in civilization at last! A week in the woods isn't something every single person would like doing but, I love it and I captured some pretty candid shots as to why camping is something I think everybody should do. Camping to me is very personal. I have been camping for about 12 years now and love every minute of it. My family and I go every summer to this place in northern Michigan. Sure, there are bugs, mosquitoes, birds, sand, dirt, raccoons, storms, etc. and did I mention that I camp in a tent? Ah yes, the beauty of nature my friends. 

I'd like to call myself a very well experienced camper, however, I don't think the hair dryer, curling iron, Kuerig coffee maker, or electric skillet can make me an authentic camper. We just call it "Glamping". 
First of all, I think a lot of people have their own definitions of camping. Whether you pitch a tent in your backyard and have a sleepover with friends or go into the mountains and you only have a flashlight and a sleeping bag with you. My version of camping isn't the only way to camp (I don't personally count trailer "camping" to be one of them due to the lack of actually being outside since you still have like a kitchen and a TV). 

Many people think camping is cheap but, actually it's not. Camping with a dog and four other people means that we need a ton of stuff like sleeping bags (expensive), air mattresses (expensive), a lot of food (expensive), and the actual tents that have to fit everybody (expensive).

Camping would only be cheap if it was like you and one other person because you wouldn't need merely as much stuff as my family does. It's not like every year we buy new stuff; it took us a while to gather everything we actually needed over the years. If you are wanting to camp, make sure you understand what a financial investment it might be. 
Where I camp, we have a beautiful bay area to swim, paddle board, kayak, and watch the sunsets. One of the reasons we always come back to this same place is just because of the amazing views. 
While I was there, I actually managed to do some yoga on the beach. There were flyers in the little camp store and some instructor from the area was teaching in the morning on the sand. An experience I will never forget! 
Another reason, besides the gorgeous views, that I camp is that I do make experiences that I will want to keep forever. We invite friends and other family members to join us camping; we go swimming, kayaking, play on the dunes, paddle board, or just enjoy the camp fire together. 
The Benefits of Camping:
  1. You are connected with nature and get to enjoy what it has to offer
  2. Live off the grid (no more Snapchat folks)
  3. Discover new places and meet new people (or wild animals) 
  4. The food tastes better anyway
  5. The smell of fresh pine and camp fire
  6. Quiet time
  7. Watching the  sunrises, sunsets, and stargazing
  8. Spend time with pets
  9. Exercise
  10. Rekindle relationships with family and friends
Of course I brought my puppy along! My dog loves to camp and since we live in a big city, he never really gets to experience the "Great Outdoors". A lot of people bring their pet to camp and it's really not that hard. I think the hardest thing about bringing your pet is actually finding room for them in the car among all of your gear. 
A lot of places have kayak and paddle board rentals which can be really nice because buying one is like $600! Fortunately, my camp site just added these amenities and people are able to rent one for like $15 an hour. You do not have to be a pro either! I have never paddle boarded before and I learned really quick (after falling a couple times). 

If you are looking at places to camp, consider what types of amenities you would want! Maybe a beach store, bike rentals, kayak rentals, or just a bathhouse is your desire. Many places have websites that list what they have. 
If you guys have any questions about camping and what I do, please ask! I had a wonderful week camping and got a ton of sun. If you have been camping, please share where you camp and your thoughts on it as well!
Xoxo, Nat


  1. These photos are just gorgeous!! The lighting and everything is so amazing. I've always wanted to go camping and your pictures definitely make me want to plan a trip!

    Katie // www.storiesandsnapshots.com

    1. Thank you so much! I hope they have convinced you to go. I love camping sooo much X