17 Good Things from 2017

I am still in the reflecting type of mood and thought it would be a really fun thing to write about all the good that has happened to me this past year. Time flies incredibly fast and I still can't believe it's already 2018. It's bittersweet and I am really happy with how 2017 went. There were a lot of ups and downs, but mostly ups. I want to list 17 things that have happened and won't go into much detail, but maybe this can spark inspiration for all of you to do the same! 

01. I got accepted into my first choice college

02. I went to my senior prom

03. I graduated high school

04. I went to Disney World with my marching band

05. I visited some family friends in Virginia 

06. My best friends and I slept in my parent's shed

07. My best friends and I went to Indiana Dunes State Park

08. We picked out Cooper and brought him home! 

09. I went to Missouri to visit some family friends

10. I moved to College

11. I got to see Nick Jonas live 

12. I was able to go to a new Ugg store opening event in the city

13. I made high honor roll my first quarter of college

14. I made my first solo trip out to Michigan to visit my family

15. I continued to post on my blog twice a week

16. I joined an all-female run campus blog called Her Campus

17. I made a ton of more friends and have met so many amazing people

I have a feeling this year is going to be even better than last. I encourage you all to make a list of some positive things that have happened to you this past year! It's always nice to acknowledge the good.

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