Weekly Recap: Pup, The Killers, & Girls Night

I sort of missed writing update posts and giving just a reflection of my week and what I've been doing. I love reading other people's weekly todo's and it's a nice reminder that we all have more things to do during the week and my life on the blog goes beyond the subjects I normally talk about. This week is actually very busy for me, so I've decided to limit myself to one post for the week to just focus on some priority work and school stuff. Here's my week recap:
I got to go home for a day and visit my pup! Normally, when I can make it home during the week on a Thursday because I've been blessed with no Friday classes, I get to take care of Cooper and hang out with him while my family is at work or school still. Which is fine by me! 
Before I went back to school, I wanted to spend more time with my best friend and her little sister, Alyssa and Emily. My sister Emily and I are on the left. We went out to a "Sunday dinner," we call it. My favorite moments are when I can get together with all of my dearest friends and just catch up or chat about our lives. It might sound a bit sappy, but they're probably the best moments I have with them. We went to a place called HB Jones which is a hamburger/grill joint. I had a really yummy pulled-pork sandwich with tater tots! Nom. 
One of my Christmas gifts this year was concert tickets to go see The Killers at the United Center downtown. I was super psyched when Brandon Flowers announced the Wonderful Wonderful tour, so this was a really memorable experience for me and my sister, who also tagged along. 

I've listened to the Killers since middle school and remember using my little iPod Nano and skipping all of my songs just so I could listen to the Battle Born album whenever I was on the bus or in the hallway. 
If the Killers ever decide to go on tour again or if they are coming to your area, I would highly recommend it because they put on an unbelievable show. Not only does Brandon clean up really well in an all gold tux, there was so much color and his voice live and high energy was so much fun to dance to. 
The last day was a spa night in with one of my really good friends at school, Haley. We decided to go out to a really nice Sushi and Ramen place. This ramen was not your below-average college ramen. She got a spicy ramen and I got miso ramen, which was both a great meal to start the week off with. I usually treat myself to at least one good meal while I'm at school because our cafe food gets a little boring. 

We went back to the dorms, ate chocolate, painted our nails, masked, and started watching my new binge-watched show, Teen Wolf. This show is so cheesy and the graphics are only semi convincing, but Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien eat my soul. Also, speaking of Dylan, is anyone going to see the new Maze Runner movie? I never read the books, but am really interested in seeing how it all ends. I thought the first one was good and the second one really surprised me with how intense it was. I guess I'll have to find out! How was your week?


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