An Easy Way to Make Money in College

I'm not one to really talk about finances or anything on here, but I am a college student and I have bills to pay like many other college students. In fact, it's probably one of the main concerns when it comes to situations. 

Money has inevitably shaped the way our culture goes about the world. Nothing is free and that's why I feel like I should share with you all something that I picked up over this past summer that has helped me save so much money. 
So, basically I use this app called Poshmark. It's a buy and sell website for all things fashion and beauty related. It's kind of like Ebay, but more catered towards clothing. There are also other buy and sell fashion apps that I've looked at, but Poshmark seemed the most easy to handle and navigate. I discovered it a while back and couldn't really figure out how to use it, so just recently I gave it another shot. 

It's almost like an Instagram for all the things you are selling. I'm an advocate for donating and I would encourage you to donate clothes, however, some items that are of higher value in your closet that you really can't seem to giveaway, can find a home through this app! 

In fact, it's probably one of my favorite resale sites out there. It's recycled clothing and I think we need more people to realize that it's better for the enviornment to purchase resold clothes. There is so much clothing out in the world, many people without clothes, and so much wasted material, money, and labor. 
Once you get the hang of the app and can navigate the tabs and all that, people start following you instantly. Everyone is trying to sell their clothes, so the more people to notice you the better. I would say that overall, within the past five months, I've probably made about a thousand dollars. Now this is considering the amount that I've spent as well. 

The clothes I tend to sell are mostly clothes I never wear and brand named items that I simply can't part with and know that I can get some extra cash for them. Sometimes, I "Girl Boss" the heck out of thrift stores for brand name clothes and resell them on Posh. I bought a cheaper pair of Ray Bans for around $60 bucks. It's amazing what you can find on Poshmark and I know I will continue to use it as long as I can!
You simply take detailed and quality pictures of the product on your phone and make sure you disclose all the information needed. You can make discounts, offers, and bundle items from your listings! It has definitely taught me a lot about the fashion industry and consumer marketplace. You see trends and what people like and don't like. You also get first hand communication with the buyer and seller, so you can make sure your questions or concerns are answered. 

I have not had any problems with using the app because Poshmark is very helpful and reimburses you regardless of any shipping mishap or if a box ever does get lost in the mail. You also get free shipping labels which is nice. They make sure people get what they paid for and I have trust in using it. 

I know this isn't everyone's idea of making money, but it definitely has been an awesome tool to use to make the extra bucks. Especially, for a college student, I know many people have clothes building up in their small dorm wardrobes that could be parted with. I would highly suggest trying it out. Check out my closet, here, if you're interested! 


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