Back to College Fashion Essentials

It's that time of year again in Chicago when the weather gets even more unpredictable and the fashion gets even more confusing. One day it feels like the middle of July and the next feels like the middle of crisp November. My favorite part of back to school, as most peoples are, is the much needed back-to-school shop. 

A lot of my friends know that I love getting things ready for school and my wardrobe being one of them. New shoes and jeans are always at the top of my list because I wear them both on the daily. What can I say? American Eagle jeans are my go-to. 
One of my favorite picks this season are these Vans Ultrarange Rapidweld casual sneakers in the color desert sage. First of all, this faded mint green has got me feelin a type of way. It reminds me of the sage I saw when I visited the Grand Tetons over the summer and I just drooled when I saw these. Funny enough, I saw them on a girl while we were at the airport waiting to go on our trip. 

They are the perfect casual walking shoe and I've never owned anything like them. Neither have I had a color like this in my shoe collection. I have wider feet, so I would recommend sizing up a half size, but other than that they have been the most comfortable shoes to wear to class and around the city. 
I am also feeling these taupe jeggings I bought from American Eagle and these are the Ne(X)t Level Low-Rise Jegging and they are just as soft and stretchy as they proclaim. You really can't go wrong with American Eagle's jean selection and they have an abundance of sizes, styles, and washes for everyone. They're a mandatory back-to-school stop for me. 

That's right, I am on the scrunchie bandwagon and I am loving it. Everyone I know is obsessing over these 90 themed hair accessories for quite a while and I just had to get on it. These are from Urban Outfitters and are the Days of the Week Scrunchies. They're awesome to hold your hair up in a cute bun or even to just wear on your wrist. I always have one somewhere around. 

What is your back-to-school fashion essential? 

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