Gal-entine's Day Outfit

I'm single like a Pringle and I know a lot of people will be on Valentine's Day this year. However, that does not mean you can't go out and celebrate it with all of your fellow single ladies! I'm not a hater of Valentine's Day and I believe that everyone shouldn't be down in the slumps because they're "alone" this year again. This time of year is the perfect time for honing into ourselves and celebrating who we are. I know it sounds cheesey, but self love is so much more important and if that means sharing this day with family and friends, right on! 

Recently, I have been wearing this extremely warm faux Old Navy dress coat. I was not able to find it online, but there are many online like it. I was looking for a coat like this that I could wear with dresses and long cardigans and it is surprisingly very warm. It has a zipper and pockets, too. It's probably one of the warmest dress coats I have ever owned. 
This dress is perfect for this time of year because it is actually long sleeve. This Zara dress is so classic and embroidery is so popular right now. It is the perfect Gal-entine's night out dress. I love the detail and many colors on this dress. 

I paired it with a very cute Urban Outfitters satchel bag and these amazing blue suede Zara boots that were on sale for only ten bucks. A major steal. I am just in love with these deep teal color and have never really worn this color on my feet before. The chunky heel makes it so easy to walk in them, too. I think these oversized shades really do and can block out the Valentine's Day haters. Ha. 
If you're planning on staying in for Valentine's Day, by all means, you do you! I hope this motivates or inspires at least one person to still go out and have fun on this day full of love and sappy romance. It is never bad to celebrate yourself and to hone in self love! Look hot and be hot for yourself :) I know I'll be. 


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