My Current Beauty Favorites

It's already February and I am still in awe at how fast the weeks go by. Time flashes! This week and next is midterms, so this will be the only post for this week and there will be one post next week, as well. Education comes first kids!

 Over this past year, I have learned a lot about my routine and what I truly like wearing. I've come to realize that my makeup collection has significantly decreased. I only wear a couple face products and some products on my skin and hair. I'm embracing minimal makeup and it honestly takes so much time out of my morning when I have to put on makeup. 
I have really been loving light foundations and tinted moisturizers on my face. I normally just apply it below my forehead, just because it gets into my lines and looks funny. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream has to be my favorite foundation so far this year. I have used it a bit in the past, but it's one that I grab regularly. 

I have also been obsessed with Ouai's haircare line. The Texturizing Hairspray is the only wave texturizing hairspray that is so flexible and smells just like the beach. This is a hair product to splurge on in my opinion. If you're done with sticky hairsprays! For face cleansers, I am drawn to ones that are unscented and are great at wicking away oil, dirt, and makeup all at once. The Kiehl's Facial Cleanser is my go to in the shower and whenever I need a deep cleanse (which is always).  
I have just discovered Milk cosmetics and am so intrigued. I got this little guy in a sample box and actually love it. This Blur Stick primer smells almost like candy, I can't describe it, but it's great. It glides on and leaves my skin really smooth and my makeup lasts really long when I put it on. Definitely will have to try out more in the future. Along with this primer, I have been trying out the Nars primer which has also really impressed me. No surprise because I love Nars so much! 

I have also become a huge Origins fan and was in the search for a great charcoal mask. I found this travel-sized charcoal mask that is so great for clearing out pores and dead skin. My face always feels refreshed after this. 
I also just got another Benefit They're Real and I swear, I have no idea why I stopped using it in the first place. It does all the things I want a mascara to do! I've tried many others and whenever I use Benefit's, I truly can't go back. 

Something that I recently discovered from some Youtuber was that she was using only lip liner to fill in her lips. It gives the best, nude look! I tried out the Essence Lip Pencil in the shade, In the Nude. It is the perfect nude color and gives me the matte, natural lip I'm looking for! 
I'm pretty sure that I have talked about all of these products shown above, but I'll write a little blurb about them as a reminder. Both of the Glossier products are amazing. I am truly in love with this brand now. The Cloud Paint in Beam is a versatile cheek and lip color that has vibrancy and warmth. It is so easy to blend and apply, too. The Balm Dotcom is just a great hand and skin salve for everyone, especially during these cold months. 

I've also been drawn to Fresh products. They also remind me of Glossier in that they are minimal and really pay attention to the ingredients and quality of the products. The Fresh Lip Caramel I think cheats as being a lip balm, but I love it anyway. It literally tastes and smells like caramel. 
I know that this year I won't be buying as much makeup because I have a lot that I already love, so I apologize in advance for a decrease in new makeup reviews or hauls. It isn't bad to just love what you already got! I will see you all next week with another post as I nestle down for my second college midterms. Woo. What's a product you can't ever seem to stop using? 


  1. So many products here I'd like to try! I agree - It's good to work your way through your stash before buying loads of new bits and bobs!

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