PJ Day, Comedy Gigs, & a Snowy College Recap

I think this week deserves a relaxed post because I have been just so uptight lately. I don't know if it was from my resident advisor interview, which went very well, or just all of the stuff I have to do this upcoming week. I'm kind of liking this post once a week type deal because it honestly has been a very fast paced quarter for me. I think up until the end of the month I will just continue with one post a week and see how it goes. I've never posted once a week, but one of my New Year's resolutions was to just take more breaks when I need to. 

Last week, I actually went home for the weekend to babysit and get some errands done. It's always refreshing to be able to get away from college life sometimes and actually sleep in your own bed. Seeing my puppy is always a plus. Last Sunday, my whole family and I had a big PJ day which I feel like we never do. It was snowing so much out that we all just committed to staying indoors. Uh Chicago weather. 
Since I live so close to home, it can always be up to me when I want to go back home. It's nice because I can make a lot of money on the weekends when I babysit families I know even if I go back for one night. I don't think my "college experience" is being hindered by how close I live to home. It's made me even more comfortable at college and more than ever I have felt pretty well adapted to college. I have a few solid relationships with people and I can get a lot of work done on my own when I need to. 
The other night I actually went out with a few friends to this comedy gig at midnight at Annoyance Theater (great name) in Boystown. It was called Holy F*ck Comedy and it is a free show that any comedians get to try out their jokes and sketches for people. I've never been to any type of comedy show really, so this was a fun experience. I want to go to more in the future now! If you're looking for a good laugh, I'd highly recommend. 
Even though February is coming to an end so fast, the snow is not. This past weekend we got a quick blizzard and funny enough, it's supposed to be like 60 degrees this week. I'm honestly so done with snow and slush, is anyone else? 

This week is going to be a bit all over the place because today I actually have a dodgeball event I'm participating in and on Thursday, I have my final major speech for my public speaking class. EEK! I know this week will fly by fast and I need to just take it day by day. What are your plans for the week?


  1. The dodgeball event sounds like so much fun! I've went to a Miranda Hart pre-viewing of her tour where she tests out the jokes before launching the tour to see what does and does not work and it was so good because it was cheaper to go and it was a more intimate venue. I actually don't like living so close to home because for me it's hard to get the separation between home and University but I'm glad it works for you. :) x

    1. Hi! Omg it was all a blast. I never thought comedy would be so awesome to go to! It just depends on the types of jokes you like I guess :) Being at college in the city is definitely different, but I love it and embrace the culture. I find time to do things on campus and go home to see my family and make some extra money babysitting. For me, it’s the most ideal and I know it isn’t for everyone, but I’m glad you shared your opinion on it because it is definitely an important thing to consider! ♥️


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