My November Goals.

October is one of the best months and one of my most productive or manic times of the year. Usually, this is one of my favorite transition months into winter, however, Jack Frost came a little too early and blessed Chicago with a dusting of snow on Halloween. Now that it's November, I'm already gearing up for what could possibly be another polar vortex and am nearing the end of my first quarter of school. 

I was able to really enjoy all things fall this past month with my friends, take a weekend trip up north with my family, while also managing to do research for my public relations campaign class, and being able to attend an interview at WGN Radio for one of my internship clients. It was a jam-packed month, and I am looking forward to the finish line before a much-needed break. 

01. I've realized that I have not been in the presence of others as much as I should be. During this time of year, when the holidays are right around the corner, a lot of people tend to get a bit angsty and are centered on their own plans, to-dos, and routines. I have been geared into my work a lot lately and achieving my personal goals so much that it has made me a little burnt out, to be honest. This month, I'd like to take my time and contribute it towards something that will benefit others in some way. 

02. Since I have been somewhat of a workaholic, exercising and meditating has been on the backburner.   Since I am going to have more time once school gets out for winter break, I want to start up my normal yoga routine and challenge myself to go beyond the routine I already know and practice. I need to get out of my comfort zone and foster a mindset that will allow me to stay motivated and remind me why I'm doing this for myself. 
03. November is also going to be a bit stressful towards the end of the month since I will be finishing up my work and taking my finals. A lot of anxiety builds up during this time, and in a lot of other people too, so I want to be sure to give myself time to relax and reset. In order to do this, I want to be more creatively stimulated and I'm hoping to get my camera out a bit more, find a new playlist (Maggie Rogers has been my top at the moment), come up with new outfits I'm too shy to try out, or maybe wear a simple red lip. These little things are simple enough to make a busy week interesting and just comforting. 

04. On a more optimistic note, I plan on visiting some family this month and my best friends are coming home for the holidays. In a couple weeks, I'll be headed to Michigan to visit my grandpa and aunt from Oregon, who I rarely get to see. I will also be spending Thanksgiving with my mom's side and am excited to reminisce and get some close time with everyone this month. It can be hard to check everyone off the list, so I'm glad we get to make quick trips to see the people we can. 

As the year is coming to a close (unbelievably), I've found myself reflecting on many high and low moments I've had. Daylight savings is here, temps are dropping, and moods are changing. November is a month filled with reflection and gratitude, something I think we all need to remember. What's on the radar for this month? 

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  1. Lovely photos! Definitely going to spend this month getting organised for Christmas and getting all the festivities done!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk


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