The Perfect Minimal Earrings for the Holidays

I remember being late to the ear-piercing game. I was in fourth grade and like most kids, getting your ears pierced was a right of passage. Everyone I knew had birthstone studs in their ears and each day a new friend would come running into class oo-ing and goo-ing over their new jeweled studs.

As much as I hated the idea, I couldn't bear to let my friends and of all people, little sister, have hers pierced without mine first. So, sometime at the beginning of fourth grade, my mom happily dragged me to Claire's and squeezed my hand.

I remember waiting until my ears healed to change out the peridot studs with my older sister's diamond hoops or ones that dangled with rainbow feathers. I was willing to try it all, even if my sensitive ears couldn't handle the plastic.

Over the years, I've struggled to wear eccentric earrings mainly because a lot of the frilly and fun ones are made out of plastic, nickel, or are silver-plated, which have always made my ears itch uncontrollably, so I've avoided them for a while. I would always have to wear sterling or gold earrings, which weren't always the most reasonably priced. Recently though, I've been wearing a lot of minimal gold studs...
I've always loved the look of minimal jewelry, wearing pieces here and there. Sometimes I won't think too much about what jewelry I'm wearing and will occasionally switch out a ring or a necklace every now and then. If you're interested, the necklace I wear every day is the Cosmic Balance necklace from Alex and Ani. I've gotten many compliments on this necklace and people are so fascinated by it because of the design and also the fact that it's expandable! 

Like my gold statement necklace, I've found a new love for my luxe gold medallion studs and adore their simplicity. There's something about stacking simple earrings like these 14 karat gold medallions or crystal bar studs that will always be timeless and worth the investment.

The bar earrings that I'm currently wearing are from American Eagle, while I couldn't find the exact pair, they have a wide variety of earrings to choose from. This six-pack of metal hoops and gold bar studs would pair nicely with these medallion studs.
While these may not be a bold statement, I think their classic and simple elegance will appeal to any lucky person you might gift these to this holiday season. 

These have already turned into my go-to everyday pair of earrings and are my favorite new addition to my treasures. I love long-lasting pieces and quality I know every gal deserves to own. What's in your jewelry box?

This post was in collaboration with Nakturnal


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