My Secret to Effortless Waves

I don't know about you, but I am all about effortless hairstyles. The less work, the better. I used to spend at least a half-hour on my hair in the morning deciding what I wanted to do with it and it would normally end in me getting frustrated and putting it in a messy bun or ponytail. In middle school, I used to try all of the Youtube tutorials and "damage-free" curling techniques. I would sleep in foam rollers every day in seventh grade and honestly I wish I had the same motivation. 

Alas, times have changed, life is busier, and hair is just not a number one priority. I feel like the "effortless" hairstyles are on trend anyway. I mean, it's not like Hallmark where everyone walks out looking like they're going to prom with perfect curls and volume. When I'm in the mood to get a bit dolled up, especially for a holiday occasion, I've found that the best soft curls come from a simple 1-inch curling iron and just two of my favorite products. The Hot Tools 24K Gold Curling Iron is my tried and true tool for the perfect beach wave. 

Over the years, I've tested many drugstore curling irons and grew up with Conair and Revlon, but they never left my hair feeling as soft as the Hot Tools iron does. It has a nice range of heat settings, a comfortable grip, and a pretty gold barrel, but my favorite feature is the swivel cord. You don't get stuck going around your head. The barrel just so effortlessly rolls around itself, which is a win!
This is a new addition to my hair product family, the Amika Shield Style Extending Spray acts almost like a heat protectant and hairspray all in one. Not only does it smell delicious, but for loose waves, this is the perfect product for ensuring that my waves stay in place all day, despite unruly Chicago weather conditions. 

I first became a fan of Amika when I got my first balayage last year. My stylist recommended the Amika Vault Color Lock shampoo and conditioner, to maintain my color and protect it. There are no parabens or harsh chemicals in these products and more recently, I've been mindful about what products I'm using on my head. While there are many other options out there, Amika has really worked for me, so I would highly suggest trying out their range of products.
I've talked about the Ouai Texturizing Hairspray and I'll talk about it again! This has to be my favorite hairspray of all time. For beach waves and lob hairstyles, texture is something my hair craves, especially because it can be a bit weighed down after I curl it. This tousled in is the perfect finishing touch. 

I've embraced not having to put much into my hair, mainly because I just love my natural hair. It's taken me a while to come to terms with my natural waves and just letting it air dry after I shower. I've spent years trying to figure it out, but my hair honestly looks its best just brushed. As much as I wish I was more adventurous and still had the motivation I had in seventh grade, I think the best hair is hair that's healthily well-taken care of and maintained. What's your hair secret? 

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