Summer 2016 Accessory Trends | Birkenstocks and a Foxy Scarf

Hey! So, today I was feeling a fashion post was needed and I have compiled a few of my favorite pieces that I have been loving this season for you all. I feel like my sense of style gets a bit worn down when summer comes because I think that fashion is so limited due to the heatbut, it's not! I sometimes get in the habit of wearing like running shorts or jean shorts all the time and my inspiration honestly struggles during this time of year. I'm working and going on trips so, the last thing I usually think about are my outfits (scary to say but, so true). Every now and then when I go out with friends I like to dress up and think of something cute to wear, however, it's not always easy figuring them all out. 
I think any outfit can be enhanced with a simple jean jacket. When I was younger, I never really wore jean jackets which is odd because I thought everyone was supposed to have some type of jean jacket when they were like 8 or 10 years old. I have come to realize that they are a girl's best friend in any fashion situation! I love how versatile a jean jacket can be and you can pretty much pair it with everything. A friend actually gave this to me and, to be honest, I wear it all the time! I love to just throw it on if I am out and about when it's a cool summer night and I need something to keep me from getting chilly. I love the simple and clean look it can bring to any outfit!

Another trend that has been showing up in my town are these really flashy, cork, sandals. Birkenstocks, everyone. Or "Birks" as all the cool people call them. I felt at first as though that these chunky sandals should have stayed in the 70s! I was not a fan of them once they first made their way back as a popular trend. I mean, style never goes out of style I guess! Besides the nice arch support they give, the ones I have don't look too flashy right? They kind of look like normal sandals if yuh ask me! I always slide them on now when I have no idea what else to wear. Sure it's a bit of a statement and not everybody agrees with them but, hey, try something new for once maybe?
I have always loved statement sunglasses. I feel like everyone has their own type of sunglasses that they never stop repurchasing! Aviators are my kind of shades. I have a round face so these glasses really shape my jaw line and cheek bones very well! I bought these at an H&M once for like 5 bucks on clearance (and I haven't stopped wearing them since). I love reflective sunglasses so much and I always have mine in my purse or just laying on my head during the summer! 

I don't always carry a purse around and that's because I'm just too lazy to carry a huge bag of crap around to... like the super market or something. I love purses, don't get me wrong but, I also don't like huge amounts of stuff to carry around like the next person. I have been enjoying this awesome little wristlet from Fossil. I can fit all my cards, cash, change, and my phone in it, too! It's really nice to just bring along and not have to lug a huge bag around. I can also attach my keys onto the loop which is also really nice! 
I'm not one to wear scarves during the hotter months, however, isn't this one so adorable? I might be starting a new trend with scarves in the summer! Maybe bring out my inner Audrey Hepburn by turning this into a cute, retro head scarf (to protect my non-existent hair treatment)? LOL. Maybe you're going out late at night and need a little something to keep you warm or you're on an exotic beach with some "Fabio of a man" and you just want to play flirty for a night? Anyway, I thought that scarves shouldn't stay in winter! I think a light and fun, colored one could be perfect for this season. You can do a lot with scarves: wrap it around your neck, tie it around your hair like a headband, use it as a cute shawl over a sundress, or even tie it to your purse. Not many people ever think to wear them during spring or summerstart a new trend maybe?
I don't want to let my summertime diminish my fashion inspiration at all! I hope these pieces help you guys stay inspired to try out some new trends and possibly bring back old ones. I wish everybody a great rest of their week and please share your favorite fashion pieces to wear in the summer below! 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I love denim jackets a lot! Those sandals are amazing i wasn't sure if i'd like them when i first saw them but now i definitely do!
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

    1. Same! I was a bit skeptical at first, but I love the small amount of metallic it gives off on the straps. They don't look as horrid as most people think they do... XX

  2. jean jackets are definitely an essential in my summer wardrobe!
    Kathy x


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