HUGE Semi Annual Sale Haul | Bath & Body Works Summer 2016

Hi everybody! It's that time of year again. It's Bath and Body Work's Semi Annual Sale!! I always look forward to going to it in June and December because they have such amazing deals. I recently picked up a few (more than just a few) things that are fairly new at BBW with my mom and I would like to show you my haul! I also picked up some other products that were not on sale like the hand sanitizers because I just needed some more. You can never have enough PocketBacs, right? So, I believe that this sale is still going on so go out and get these awesome products while you can. I will try to link every product bought throughout this post but, many of the things I bought may or may not be available on the website because they are clearance items. I found some of the products on Amazon, too so bear with me! This sale has 50%-75% off items and it's great to stock up on necessary products like soaps, lotions, room sprays, and more! 
I started off with getting some of the stuff I needed that were not on sale, like these two PocketBac hand sanitizers. I love using these fun Pocketbacs at school attached to a cute holder you can buy to go with it or just throwing it into my purse! You never know when you're gonna need to clean your hands, so these are great to carry around. I go through these so much and I don't know how many I have had in my lifetime! I wanted to try new flavors and picked up the Cherry Champagne Toast and the Check Moewt Pomegranate
Then I also had to pick up some room sprays. My mom loves these for our home so we had to get a couple more while we were there! It's 2 for $11 and I guess we needed one extra. When we don't have the time to light a candle in our house, we just spray some room spray and it makes the place smell amazing! My mom bought these three: Watermelon lemonade, Georgia Peach and Coconut Vanilla. So yummy! 
Next, my mom and I got a bit carried away with the lotions. We bought 6 full size body creams because my family and I use them almost every single day! I bought the Agave Papaya Sunset, Hibiscus Guava Fresca, and Iced Pear Margarita body creams and gosh do they sound amazing? I swear these flavors sound so incredibly delicious sometimes. All of these full size body creams were only $3.75 each! 
I also happened to pick up Mango Mandarin, Brown Sugar and Fig, and Dark Kiss, which are some oldies but, still goodies from their collection! They call them "Flashback Fragrances". They're very nice smelling for summer and super moisturizing. I love to use all of these after I shower so I smell good and my skin is very smooth. I love how these are more thicker than your normal lotions and are infused with Shea butter for the ultimate "24 hour moisture"! 
I was interested in trying one of their mini hand creams to also just pop in my purse and I picked up this Southern Lemon Chiffon Hand Cream. It smells so sweet and fresh! I can take it with me wherever I go, which is a must during the summer. 
I needed a new mini shower gel to take with me on my next trip soon so, I picked up this Warm Vanilla Sugar one! It smells just like a Cinnamon Roll. I love these mini shower gels because they save so much space during travel! 

My mom is obsessed with glitter and shimmer sprays so she had to (obviously) purchase one during the sale. The Lush Pink Dragon Fruit Diamond Shimmer Mist is a perfume that you wouldn't like if glitter isn't your thing. My mom loves how it reflects off the sun in the summer and she like douses herself in it whenever she goes out. It smells really tropical, though! 
I always want more body sprays around to have in case I run out. Having mini body sprays are even better like this Beautiful Day Travel Size Mist. It smells like fresh, crisp, apples and reminds me of all things summer! I have already been using it as you can see from the little amount missing in the picture. I just couldn't wait to use it! 
I had to save best for last! Candles are pretty much the only reason I truly look forward to this sale. They are all half priced and I always need to stock up when I can! These candles usually last me throughout the whole summer. I had to make some tough decisions about the scents I really wanted for my room. So I ended up buying the Beautiful Day candle just because I absolutely adore the body mist so much. I needed my whole room to smell that way, too! 
I also picked up the Lemon Mint Leaf candle; I've had it before and really loved how citrusy and fresh it made my room smell. I'm not one to love overwhelming scents so I always gravitate towards the subtle, crisp and fruity ones instead. I usually get sick when I have really strong floral scents around and I don't want a smell to really stay a while either. These scents are perfect for any of you guys who feel the same way.
Finally, I have been eyeing this little guy ever since they came out with these amazingly adorable candles. They were just way too expensive to buy at the time and now they're on sale! This little Georgia Peach Medium Candle was one out of like 5 others I had to make a decision out of. I just love peach scents a lot and decided this was the perfect one for my room! I love the little container it came in and couldn't leave it behind. 
I love reading about hauls and watching haul videos so much because I love knowing what's in and what's out! I hope you guys enjoyed this huge haul that I did. Bath and Body Work's Semi Annual Sale is a sale not worth missing. They have amazing discounts and deals on all of their famous products! Is there a signature scent you love by them? Tell me if you've gone to the sale in the comments below! 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I remember my first time in the states I had gotten there just in time for the B&BW semi annual sale and that was the first place I went! I have used up all the products I have bought which sucks
    Kathy x

    1. Aww :( Maybe that means another trip?! XX Love BBW so much!