My Summer Travel Essentials

Hi everyone! I am currently outside writing this and it is such a lovely day. I am falling in love with Chicago's weather right now and writing outdoors never felt so good! Doing what I love in the place that I love always creates inspiration and I can't get enough of it. So since it is the beginning of summer and many people are starting to travel, I have gathered a few of my must have products for travelling this season! 
Everybody needs something to do on the plane or in the car. That's why I love picking up a magazine in one of the bookstores at the airport or bringing one from home! I have really been obsessed with Seventeen Magazine lately and I can't seem to put it down. I love reading magazines but, I also love reading a good book every once and a while when I am on a long and pretty boring trip. 

If you are travelling to a very tropical place or your hotel might have a swimming pool, packing a swim suit is always a must! The Stitched Fabulous Bikini from Victoria's Secret is probably my favorite bathing suit that I have ever owned. I love buying my swimsuits from Victoria's Secret because you can shop your actual cup size and not just small or medium and so on. The color is also amazing and the detailing on the top itself is really cute! They have this exact swimsuit in blue and you can mix and match the bottoms that go with it as well! 

If you are going to be out and about, like at the beach, then sunscreen is also a must! I love the Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 by Neutrogena which is great for people with very sensitive and acne prone skin. It is oil-free and does not clog your pores while it protects your skin from the sun; a necessity during summer travel. 
Another thing that I think is important to travel with is a great mini mascara! You can throw it in your purse or makeup bag and not have to worry about wasted space and added weight. I love this Benefit Roller Lash mascara. It gives so much volume and lift to your lashes. Plus, it's so cute and mini! 
Something that I recently purchased from Old Navy were these Braided Gladiator Sandals that I think are very cute and easy to wear when you need to make sure your shoes are secure on your feet when you need to travel and are easy to take off for airport security. I also think they add a nice touch to a cute sundress that you might wear on the beach once you get to your destination! 
I happened to pick up a pack of the Yes To Cleansing Wipes at my Target for the San Francisco trip and I used the whole pack there! I know it's kind of naughty to just use wipes on a trip to clean off your makeup but, they are really helpful when you need wipes on the plane or in the car and are super easy to carry on. 
I love bringing BB creams and tinted moisturizers on trips because I am usually outside all the time when I am travelling and it's nice to have a light cover up that also protects my skin from the sun. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude is an awesome foundation to take on trips! With an SPF 20, it's really great to use this time of year. 
I recently talked about this lipstick in my May Favorites post and I am really starting to like nude lips this summer. Covergirl lipsticks are awesome and I always forget that because I am exploring other brands! This one is so matte and I just love the look of it.
A really nice way to bring pigments and shadows along on trips is in a palette. Instead of bringing like an eyeliner and a bunch of separate shadows, bringing a small quad palette like this Bohemian Bronze palette by Lorac would do the trick! You have nice base and crease shades. You can also use the black shade to either smoke out your look or use it as eyeliner. This palette is very versatile and compact for travel!
Sometimes there is no way to avoid bringing full-size products with you during travel so occasionally you have to make amends and decide what products you really want to use. I like to bring my Benefit Hoola Bronzer pretty much everywhere on vacation. It just gives such a nice tan and warmth to the face. It has a little brush that is also handy when travelling! 

Where ever you go this summer, I hope that I have helped or inspired some of you with these products that I like to take on adventures with me that make my travelling a bit easier and less stressful. Worrying about space and what to take can be overwhelming and I think this could help some of you guys!

What's your travel essential?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I love the yes to brand!! I also love using wipes for a quick cleanse
    Kathy x

  2. Hi lovely! I thought I'd reply to your comment on your blog, and say hello while I'm here :-) I have yet to try any base products from Laura Mercier but have heard many great things about them, I just have to look in to which one would suit me best. I love the sound of the tinted moisturizer!

    I haven't tried Ipsy, they don't ship to the UK :-( Michelle Phan is great and I would trust her (or her team) to put a great beauty box together. I wonder how much difference the UK birchbox is to the US one? I'm going to have a little snoop on Twitter and find out! xxx

    1. Hello! I have heard wonders over Laura Mercier's foundation and everybody was right--it's amazing! You definitely need to try it out sometime!

      I didn't realize that Ipsy doesn't ship overseas... I trust your opinions on it though! I also didn't know that Birchbox might be different according to where it ships. That's interesting!

      Well, thanks for saying hi over here! Sometimes I don't get notifications when bloggers reply on their blogs :/ I am glad you enjoyed my post! XXXX

  3. I love taking benefit minis on holiday because they are the perfect size!
    Emily // www.floraalemily.co.uk

    1. Plus you don't have to buy the full size if you end up not liking it (but lets be real...who's gonna really hate any of their mascaras?!)XX