Taking Yoga with Me Everywhere | Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals Review

I feel like active-wear nowadays has stepped up to a whole new level. There are now more stores than ever dedicated to just simply all things active wear: Lululemon, Lucy, Athleta, Fabletics, and you know stores that have been around forever like Nike and Adidas. I'll walk into some of these stores and find like the cutest workout clothes and cringe at the price tag. However, I am all about buying workout clothes and shoes that are earth-friendly. Especially when they're made from old yoga mats!

I found these Sanuk Yoga Slinged Up Flip Flops at my local Nordstrom and fell completely in love with them. During the summer, all I wear are flip flops and sandals. I'll go through so many pairs and get them gross and beat up. I think that sandals are a great investment because you can pretty much wear them with anything and anywhere!
Sometimes flip flops, like the really cheap ones, can hurt your feet after a while or break and that's why these are the best and most comfortable/durable ones I have owned. They are incredibly cushiony and the awesome yoga sling strap makes a really cute and unique touch. It comes with a little card that shows different ways to tie the straps and I think that's a really nice detail. 

I have worn these to yoga and they're so easy to just untie and slip off and get right back on after practice. My mom was worried that the straps wouldn't really hold my feet in but, I have had no trouble walking in them (or running in them if you're curious). There's no imprint of your feet like some flip flops leave and I haven't received any blisters or cuts from the straps, either. They have a pretty nice tread on the bottoms so you won't like slip everywhere, too! 

I read online that the sponge like soles are not good near water. I would be careful at the pool or the beach, even in the rain. Rarely have I worn these on rainy days but, I have worn them to the pool and just took them off when I knew I was going to swim. I think they would just suck in a ton of water and probably mold and smell. I am also not sure about how much arch support they offer. They're super soft and comfy but, wouldn't be that great if you have severe foot issues. 

Besides those couple things, these are really great sandals. They'll last you a really long time if the right care is given and are amazingly comfy. It literally feels like I'm on my yoga mat all day! I take yoga with me everywhere I go with these shoes. I hope you guys enjoyed this mini review! I am always scouting out for great sandals, and these are really great and cute for summer. 

Do you have a favorite pair of sandals that you can't seem to stop wearing?

Xoxo, Nat

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