Rose Everything

Happy spring everybody! Even though it hasn't quite warmed up yet, I am still so excited for all things spring! I feel like the color rose is starting to become a trend this season so here are some of the pieces and products I love to wear and use! 
I have been loving Zara's basics section and I found this really cute t-shirt. Zara has a great selection of items and you never know what you''re gonna find. They always have good deals going on every now and then and the quality of their clothing is amazing! This shirt is so soft and comfortable to wear with a nice, light pair of jeans and sandals or flats. Unfortunately, I was not able to find this on their website but, I am sure you can find it in store.
I have made posts about these products in the past and I just have to emphasize how much I love them. I have had these products for a while now and I continue to use them all the time.

This MAC lipstick in Angel has been one of my favorite frost shades from their range. I have worn this in the winter but, I also think it looks great in the spring as well because it isn't very light and isn't very glossy either. I have also done a review on the Fit Me blush by Maybelline and I really like how this gives you a cute, fresh glow. I have been using this blush a lot lately and I love the color it gives off. It's very subtle but, you can really build and blend it in. 

I have mentioned in previous posts that I am not the paint-my-nails-every-week type. Especially during these warmer months, I just don't like the icky-sticky feel of nail polish. However, there are some very nice polishes that I find are light and are easier to use and don't smudge or chip. I love Essie's nail range and I love how their polishes last for so long. I have heard that they chip a lot but, I have never had any problems with Essie. I have been loving the nude and pink shades on my nails. It's so simple and clean. It also looks very classy! So is this shade's name: Tuck it in my Tux...haha. Rose gold is also one of my favorite colors of all time. This L'Oreal nail polish is always showing up in my posts and I can't stress enough how much I love this color and how metallic it is.  

I hope you guys have had a great day and this helped any of you looking for some spring inspiration!

Xoxo, Nat


  1. Nice to see that there is more than one person obsessed with rose gold! Nice post! xoxo

  2. Rose/blush colours are definitely a trend and I love it! Lovely post :)

    Kathy x