Spring Home-ware & Stationary Haul | Target & More

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all have had a great Easter weekend and are enjoying your beginning of spring break or week if you don't have off like I do (thank the lawd). So today I wanted to share a little bit of a home-ware/decor/stationary haul that I did recently. Most of this is from Target and some is from the Red Spot section or the "dollar section" at Target so unfortunately you can't find some of the cards or the notebook online. However, I thought you all would enjoy these little bits and pieces I found anyway.
I love to have random journals around and on hand. You never know when you're gonna need to write something down or just need to getaway and release your thoughts! I found this for like a dollar at Target and I have been writing in it for a while. Plus, it looks really cute on my shelf. I also managed to pick up some binder folders and dividers that are really cool and I really like the geometric prints as well! I like to use these for some of my blog posts to add a pop of contrast and color to the background.
I also really love this lipgloss...even though it has nothing to do with home-ware, I thought it would be okay to just include it anyway. I think it looks really cool! I mean, they're real flowers!! That might have been the only reason I bought it but, it does smell amazing and leaves my lips so glossy!

I have had an obsession with colored felt-tip pens lately. The Staedtler pens are amazing! I kid you not, these are the best colored pens I have ever used. Especially if you have like...hmm I don't know...an adult coloring book! Haha. They have a ton of colors and last so long.
I always love to have cute note cards and stationary around. It's going to be someone's birthday, some special event, or just a time where you need to say thanks or "hello". I found these cute cards at Target and I have like five different sets! All of their cards are like a buck and they're absolutely adorable! They're very useful and versatile!

With this day and age, writing cards is like an ancient thing to do. We have text, e-messages, and all that. I am getting into the habit of just writing cards to people (not just because I have a ton!). Sometimes I feel like you lose something when you just text a person "thank you". Like they aren't special?? NO. They deserve a thoughtful card! So for that, I always feel obligated (and happy) when I get to write a card to someone special. Plus, I think it's just nice receiving them as well. 
I have seen all of the bloggers with these cool geometric terrariums and vases and I have been wanting one ever since. I found this on a shelf at Target and I was so happy that it wasn't like a hundred bucks. I love this thing so much! I have this on my shelf currently on top of a stack of books and I put some mini fairy lights inside to make it look really cool. I really want to put like some succulents inside of it when it gets warmer out. I feel like that would be so awesome to do and have my own little garden! I guess you could also put a mini candle in it or something, too. 

This has also been one of my favorite candles, like EVER. The Capri Blue Volcano candle is the most amazing smelling candle I have ever owned. You can get these at Anthropologie or online on their website. They have a bunch of sizes (including a 5-wick candle that costs like $100 and is the size of my head haha) and scents. This candle smells like paradise. It's citrusy and is so fresh and sweet. It's not an overpowering scent. After you burn it for a while, your house smells amazing. Also, the packaging is so cute. It's iridescent and copper. How great is that?
I have always loved little trays and things to put my trinkets on and I really love this one that a friend got me a while back. I like to put my rings and earrings on it so I don't lose any of my precious jewelry! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little home-ware/stationary haul and I also hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and spent it with a ton of friends and family!

Xoxo, Nat


  1. Homeware and stationary are two of my favourite things in this entire world! I don't know what it is about buying stationary it just makes me so happy - even more than buying clothes haha :) Lovely post!!
    Kathy x

    1. I can relate so much! I get dragged into this hole of note cards, journals, planners, and what not. I love it so much though :)

  2. I love all the prints and fonts on your homeware! So cute! xoxo