Travel-size Treasures

Hey guys! So, I know that if you're a huge makeup lover like I am, hauling a huge to-go bag of makeup everywhere you go can be bit of a struggle. I have so many products that I absolutely love and want to take with me everywhere but, can't sacrifice the full size product to get destroyed through travel. Plus, it gets really heavy after a while! Here are some of my favorite products to take on-the-go wherever you go! 
Bath and Body Works has been one of my favorite places to get travel sized body care products. Normally they have coupons to get a free mini sized body gel, lotion, or body spray. I love this deal because I usually have a stock pile of these all the time! My little sister has like 20 lotions that she hasn't even used up yet! Beautiful Day is one of my favorite scents at B.B.W. because I love apple scented body care; it's so fresh!
I am also really enjoying Batiste as my dry shampoo that I use and these mini sized ones are so handy! I love using them at school, when I travel, or in my gym bag! I am also loving these mini makeup products as well. The Porefessional Primer is very cute! So are the little mascaras and the Nars lip pencil. I also think having a mini eye-makeup remover is vital in every makeup lover's travel bag!This Mary Kay one is my favorite! I love it so much. 

Something that is also important, that might not be travel sized, is eye drops. I always find myself needing eye drops. I'll get something in my eye or my eyes will get extremely dry from flying!
I am not a huge perfume fan but, on special occasion I love to use a really nice perfume. This roller ball one by Taylor Swift smells so nice! I like to put it in my purse in case I go out for a special event. It smells very floral and sweet!
Hair care products are sometimes hard to transfer especially if the brand you love doesn't make travel sized products. I don't use that much mousse in my hair so this mini Tresemme one is perfect for me! I also just discovered these Not Your Mother's hair care products! This was a set that came with a great dry shampoo that I have been loving recently and a shampoo and conditioner. So handy! 
I hope this helped all of you makeup lover-travelers because I know sometimes it can be hard to transport products that you love all over the country! What's your favorite travel sized product? 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. The mini NARS lip pencil looks like such a cute product! I love the Benefit minis, they come in handy so much! x

    Erin // Everything Erin