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NuMe Flat Iron | Review

Hello my lovelies! I hope the beginning of Spring is serving you all well. Where I live, it's up in the 60s! It's so nice out and because it's so nice out, we tend to dress a bit lighter and Spring dresses become one of our main outfit choices during this time of year. It also means doing our hair all nice and pretty for things like Easter, graduation, and dances if you have them! Today I have a review on one of my favorite beauty tools I own which is the NuMe Silhouette Flat Iron
More recently I have been obsessed with straightening my hair. It's sleek and modern. I have been loving this long-bob for quite a while and straight hair looks so great on me right now! This flat iron has been my go-to for this type of look and I can't really compare any other straightener to this one. This flat iron is not cheap at all. But! Many bloggers and beauty gurus on Youtube can be affiliates of this company so be on the look out for promo codes! This is priced originally at $99. I found this through Ingrid Nilsen on one of her beauty favorites videos and I bought it for only $15 bucks! One of the best quality hair tools for the price of a flat iron you would find at the drugstore. Unfortunately, I do not have a promo code for NuMe but, if I did I would of course give it to you guys!
I believe this flat iron comes in a couple different colors but, I only saw black and hot pink as one of the options right now. They have many different flat irons and curling tools on their site so be sure to check them out! I really want to check out their curling wands because I have also heard some great things about them.

The rounded plates on the iron are great for creating beachy waves too! This iron is very portable because it isn't very big or bulky. It also came with a dust/travel bag to make sure it transports safely. The cord is also very long so if you're trying to like reach an outlet in the wall, you'll be able to stretch the iron all the way across! So handy and helpful when trying to rush and not worry about where to plug the tool in.
One thing that I am so impressed with was how fast the iron heats up. I counted to like 15 and it was already steaming! My old flat iron took like 5 minutes to heat up. I really like the nob feature on this iron; however, I don't like how you can't tell what number it's on besides 290 and 450. Maybe I like 350 degrees? How do I know if it's on that setting? You don't. I also noticed that there was no way to close the flat iron besides tying the cord around it (which is probably not safe). I was looking for a latch or something and there wasn't anything to close it with. Those were the only flaws I had noticed but, the quality and everything else makes up for it all (and the insane price). 
If you are looking for an awesome quality flat iron or any other hair tool in general, I really suggest looking on NuMe's site. They have many products and the flat iron especially creates the straightest and smoothest long-lasting look. I would recommend looking for promo codes on social media because they have amazing deals on a lot of their tools, probably over 60% off if you're as lucky as I was. 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I so badly want to try NuMe products because so many people rave about them - they're also quite a good price!! xx

    kathy xx


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