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Hello everyone! So I know everyone's been up on their New Year's resolutions...right?? Time to go exercise like we said we would! In all seriousness, I have found working out to be one of my favorite hobbies lately and I really enjoy the feeling of strength and accomplishment right after every workout. If you guys didn't already know, I love doing yoga. Yoga has officially taken over my life. I have been doing yoga for almost two years now! Isn't that crazy?? I have improved so much on my skills and I generally feel a lot better about myself now. I do something so personal and, for myself, that I never thought I would come to love. I am planning on doing a total separate yoga post very soon as it gets nicer out and maybe I can show you guys some of my poses (or "asanas" in yogi talk). Enough about that for now, every girl needs sweet workout/active wear to look totally bad-ass while she's grinding out those burpees or last 10 chatarungas.
My absolute favorite piece has been this Nike Sweatshirt that I have been wearing like three times a week. I love wearing it when I run or even if I'm just doing errands or going to school. First of all, let's talk about the's flippin rose-gold. Like how cute is that? It's so warm and doesn't soak up any sweat or smell. I am also loving funnel necks and high collars. I love the detail of the emblem and the hood also makes me look like a bad-ass Jedi ready to take on the world (if only). 

I have also been loving one of my all-time favorite yoga brands, Lululemon. Their workout gear has been my go-to for everything yoga related. These pants specifically are one of my favorites. The fabric is a "Full-On Luon fabric is sweat-wicking and four-way stretch with added support and coverage" and there is also "added Lycra® fibre bends with you and stays in great shape". These yoga pants really do perform and I always feel safe when wearing these because they are such a great quality that there's no panty lines showing through and they have a cute little pocket for your keys and cards!
Nike is one of my top favorite brands as you guys can tell. I especially love their running shoes. I own three stinkin' pairs. I love them so much! These are my favorite shoes out of them all. These are called the Nike Zoom Fly 2 and they are one of the most comfortable shoes I have worn in my enitre life-time. I love the color too. This bright coral can be seen from like two miles down the road!
I also have an obsession with sports bras for some reason. I think that they're incredibly comfy and easy to maneuver in. I recently purchased this Adidas sports bra and it is truly awesome! It's medium support and there's a mesh racer-back for the ultimate ventilation! So great for any type of workout.

I recommend you guys check out these brands for the best workout gear! It comes down to what you truly feel comfortable in! Whatever works for you. Is there any other brands I should try?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I love nike shoes. I wear them for both working out as well as casual wear because they are so comfortable!!

    Kathy xx

    1. I totally agree! There's not another brand I find as comfortable!! X


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