The Smoked Palette | Urban Decay

Hey guys! I love Urban Decay so much and have heard amazing things specifically on how great their eye shadows are. I recently purchased this from...guess where? Nordstrom Rack! I have been so obsessed with how great their deals are on makeup. This palette was only twenty bucks! I saw this and was completely drawn. Instead of your average Naked Palette review, here's a review on one of Urban Decay's older palettes that should still be sold and used today! I think this palette is great for everyone. There are so many great looks you can create with it. So what if this is an older palette? I think it's great and you all can purchase it here

First of all, I know that for a lot of people, buying prestige or fancy makeup products can cost a lot. Doing a little Nordstrom Rack review here for you all, this store has amazing deals on products that are very expensive at retail. Up to 50% off on everything most of the time. They have many products and a ton of high name designers there too! A lot of the makeup I find is from there and I highly suggest you go check them out (sadly it's only here in America) and get some great deals! Plus, none of the items are bad or "expired" either so you really are getting an extraordinary deal.
So this palette comes in really cool packaging as you can see in the pictures. It kind of looks like a wallet because of the fabric and zipper. Lo and behold, it's not! There's an awesome mirror as well! There are like cool animal designs in it too. This palette is very smokey and a lot of people don't really prefer dark shades but, there are some "not-so-wild" shades in here as well. I am always looking for palettes with a variety of different shades because I am usually drawn to just gold or brown...and that's no fun right? 
A bonus about this palette is that it came with a full-size eyeliner! It's so creamy and probably one of the best pencil liners eye have used. It was so creamy that I accidentally broke the tip! What a lot of people don't realize is that you can actually sharpen Urban Decay's pencil liners. Some people think that they can't. I guess it's just because the packaging looks intimidating or something. Also, it does really "glide-on" like the label says. You can really create a dramatic look if you wanted to. This palette also came with a mini travel-size primer potion that I accidentally forgot to show, oops!
Now the only downside I noticed was that some of the shadows came off a bit chalky. I found it better to apply these shadows wet and there was an even better color pay off. My top three shades that I loved on were: Mushroom, Barlust, and Rock star. There are matte and shimmery-metallic shades in this palette and you also have some light neutrals like Kinky and Freestyle (some weird names right?). You also get some awesome colors like the royal blue, plum, and emerald green, which I think compliment a lot of people. Sure this palette has a couple dark shades; it's a really nice variety of colors instead of having like a dark brown and a light brown.
I really enjoy this palette so much. I feel like sometimes it's okay to bring back the old and make it new again. We forget how awesome some products really are so I hope this is a reminder of how great Urban Decay was and is! This palette is great for travelling and anyone looking to spruce up their makeup regimen. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and will be inspired to switch up your makeup a bit every now and then. What do you think of this palette? Leave comments down below!

Xoxo, Nat


  1. This is so cute! I love UD Eyeshadows, my fave shade is definitely mushroom by the look of the swatches! x


  2. I think my sister has this palette! It's actually really awesome to see a UD review that isn't the naked palette. Loving the variety of shades in Smoked xxx

    1. I know! I thought it would have been different plus, I feel like everyone either owns that palette or knows about it. X