My February Goals | Trusting the Process

My month ahead...

A rather long January has finally come to an end, as much as I love wishing my life away, I'm pretty excited that we are one step closer to lighter mornings and brighter days. In a recent yoga class I took, my instructor's mantra for us was, "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom," at this point in my life it was something that really resonated with me. 

I'm almost halfway done with my junior year of college and all I can think about are the unmade plans for the future and the anxiety that lurks not knowing exactly what might happen a month or even a year from now. There's something true about growth, and it's that we have to trust the process, our ability, and our strength to get to where we want to be. February is action-packed for me this year, and while January treated me off to a smooth start, I thought I'd fill you in... 
01. I have been trying to sort out some travel plans for spring break, I know a lot of people go to Florida, the Bahamas, etc. but, I've always loved the idea of taking spontaneous trips to areas of the U.S. that I have yet explored and aren't the most ideal spring break hot spots. Oregon, for example, is a destination I have in mind and I am all for a mountain escape and a breath of fresh ocean air. I've always wanted to explore Portland, but also the western coast, so hopefully, I can make a trip happen this year and see some family that lives out there, too.

02. The summer internship search is on! Now that I've finished my first public relations internship with Papergirl PR and Marketing in December, I've been jumping at opportunities whenever and wherever. There's so much pressure, at least at DePaul, in order to find an internship and I have to say I am one with the process on this one.

I've sent out my resumé and have already had some interviews, but I know I need to be true to myself in what I'm looking for exactly—definitely paid, but a creative role is ideal. So we'll see what happens and I am more than confident that I will come to find an agency that I love.

03. My Bateman competition team is currently implementing a PR campaign that is assisting the U.S. Census Bureau in raising awareness of the 2020 Census and its impact on our communities.

We have been conducting research and pitching our campaign, Love Where You Count, since the beginning of September in order to connect the things people love with the importance of participating in crucial decision making in federal funds nationwide.

It's been stressful, to say the least, but by the end of February, we should have fully executed our campaign and will submit it to the national judges.

Never did I think that in college I would be working with the government, so it's quite cool to be gaining this hands-on experience and opportunity of a lifetime. I will for sure update you all once the manic and excitement of February that is to come has died down.

04. After five years of writing on my blog, I've finally bought a domain name for it. For some reason, I was so reluctant to own natalierohman.com, but one of my really close blogger-boss ladies told me it's about time that I should. Lately, I've been giving myself more time to write and be creative on my own terms, so expect more juicy content to come! 

I've been thinking about sharing my tutoring experience so far, as well. I started tutoring at DePaul's writing center in September and have been promoted to the Writing Fellow position where we work simultaneously with a specific class, which is about the psychoanalysis of fairy tales—who knew Beauty and the Beast had so many complexities? 

That looks like all I have for February, but I am really looking forward to a fresh month and even more exciting opportunities to come. While uncertain now, I have trust in the process and in the journey that it will take for me to get there. What's on the radar for you next month?

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