My Three Last-Minute Makeup Items

On days when I just can't bear to wake up at 7am, or any normal day really, I try to minimize the number of steps I have to take in my morning routine. Wearing makeup has become less and less of an event in the morning. I remember in middle and high school I would dedicate a half hour to hair and makeup—fifteen minutes for curling and fifteen minutes for covering every zit on my face with powder that didn't even match my skin. 

I would like to think that I've perfected my makeup routine with only three fundamental products: concealer, bronzer, and an eyebrow pencil. All of which have been my tried and true staples to get me ready to take on the day ahead. 
Recently I have been drawn to reading Vogue articles about the one makeup item that people MUST have with them before they run out the door, I agreed with these three specific ones because they all serve a purpose in making me look alive and, for the most part, put together.

Concealer is just a given always. I have no time to slap on a face of foundation, nor the patience to let it settle, and I think concealer does just the job even better. It really depends on the type of concealer, though. I've had concealers that crease and fall off my face, so I would highly recommend the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. This is a full-coverage concealer that hides all of your imperfections, dark circles, red eyes, fine lines, and all of the above! The great thing is that it's multi-use and can be used for an eyeshadow primer, too. A couple dabs of this bad boy and I'm glowing.

When I want to glow, even more, I skip the blush and redness altogether. Bronzer is my saving grace on days when I wake up a little extra pale than normal, especially during the winter. The Nars Laguna Bronzer adds just the right amount of warmth I need.
I feel like a lot of people think that mascara is the one eye product you need before leaving the house, but for me, having structured and groomed eyebrows are essential. Most mornings, I wake up with mangey looking eyebrows and make it seem like I've been asleep for hours and hours. I never forget to do my eyebrows, or at least comb through them. The IT Cosmetics Brow Pencil is a two in one spoolie and pencil that I throw into my bag—having eyebrows on fleek frames my face and filling them in defines it even more. 

I find this simple routine of three easy steps great for traveling. No mess, no worries, and I still feel put together and ready to get on with my busy day. What are the three products you can't leave without?  

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