The Season of Growth: Life Update

Hi. Hello. I'm back! It's been about a month since I've written a blog post as there have been some pretty big and troubling circumstances going on. It has taken me a while to get back on my blogging feet, so now is the time for me to finally update you all. 

These past few weeks have been challenging to say the least, being a college student especially, transitioning all of my classes, job, and extra curricular activities online. Sadly, I know that a lot of other people have lost their jobs, reverted to homeschooling their children, or even work on the frontlines. I am so very grateful and extend my love for the countless number of healthcare workers, emergency services, truck drivers, farmers, essential businesses, teachers, and those who have to sacrifice it all in order to make our country safe. 

My family and I have been doing pretty well, adjusting to our new routines and normals. My dad, who is now the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Dominican University, will continue to go into the office as he is essential to the college. It definitely worries me sometimes because he is exposing himself, but I am confident that he and the small of his staff are taking the upmost precautionary measures. He works tirelessly at making sure that students and professors are being taken care of, which is crucial at this point for students who are unsure about what's next.
My mom, who is a preschool teacher, has also been working fiercely at coming up with projects her kids can be doing from home, she even created a Cozy with Cooper reading time segment on her school's YouTube channel for her 3 and 4 year-olds. You can check out her videos, here. My mom has also been making grow-kits for her kids. My sisters have both been adjusting to their new schedules and work/school routines. Melissa is continuing to work from home and Emily is also doing her classes online. I've been passing the time by gardening and planting, it's a hobby I've always wanted to take up and I think now is the perfect time to start. 

Spring is the season of growth. New blooms and brighter days. Some days the sun shines, and it feels  normal. The best we can do is embrace the warmth for what it is. I know being cooped up in our homes can feel isolating and at times I've felt a bit lost at what the future might hold, but every day is a new day and I'm embracing the unknown. Cooper has definitely been the saving grace and therapy we all need—he keeps us moving. 

The commonality of it all is that everyone is kind of in the same state of unknown and fear. There's no definite future, plans have been put to a hault, and who knows if I'll have an internship or not this summer. Graduating seniors won't be celebrated the same way, big festivities and holidays might not go on, and socializing will be different for awhile. What I do know is that we are all in this together one day at a time. Please comment down below how you have been doing during this time, I would love to know your thoughts and concerns. 


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