My Five Year Anniversary of Blogging

While the world is unraveling at the seams at traumatic rates, I wanted to continue to use my platform as a space of positivity. Being able to reflect on what this outlet has allowed me to express has also made me appreciative that I have the freedom to voice my opinion and be heard—much like everyone else should have the ability and freedom to do so. That being said, today marks my fifth year anniversary of my blog! What began as a summer hobby on my iPod has turned into a timepiece and growing extension of my creative identity and self expression. This time has allowed me to reflect on all of the highs and lows of my life, but I think one things for sure, my blog has always been there for me and it is incredible to think that it has stuck with me for all of these years. 

To give a little snapshot of how my blog started, the summer of my sophomore year of high school was spent nannying kids across the street. While I loved having a job, I knew there were definitely times I found myself wanting to do more with my free time. Growing up, I was always reading articles, blogs, or watching vlog channels on my iPod. Whether beauty, fashion, or lifestyle related, I was always finding creative ways to stay inspired and work on DIY projects or makeup tutorials. When I found Blogger, I began writing really small posts on my iPod about my favorite makeup products and using my less than average iPod photography skills to start creating flat lays or doing photoshoots in my backyard. 

My blog was just a side hobby, but as I started getting feedback from friends and bloggers online, I began to realize what this outlet might become. This blog has grown with me through everything and has allowed me to escape, share, and explore parts of my life that I wouldn't have reflected on if I didn't have a blog. For this anniversary, I thought I would share some of the most memorable blog posts from the past five years. 

01. Dealing With Flying Anxiety | June 2015

This was my fifth post on the blog and my first very honest and heartfelt post about flying anxiety. It was not one of the conventional makeup or product review posts I became used to, so I think this was me trying to break the ice with my blog as an outlet where people could relate and find solidarity in knowing that someone else was very afraid of flying. I can fully disclose that my fear of flying has resolved since I've been traveling throughout the years. 

02. My 20 Pose Sun Salutation | May 2016

This was a very memorable year for me because it was the beginning of my yoga journey and the year that I began to to become more passionate about fitness. I have always and still am very passionate about doing yoga and am an advocate for its numerous benefits for your body. While I focused mainly on yoga during high school, college opened me up to a wide variety of other exercise regimes and work out classes that have made me interested in boxing, pilates, meditation, and trying out spin classes. I will always remember how yoga grounded me, as I have become stronger and more in control of my mentality because of it! 

03. A Northern Getaway | September 2017

My fondest memories growing up is going up north to Petoskey, Michigan to go camping with my family. This was the last time that I was up there on Mackinac Island and we biked all 9 miles around the perimeter. I'm not sure the next time we'll be able to go up there, but camping is near and dear to my heart. My love for nature began with spending late nights stargazing and searching for Petoskey stones along the beaches. I hope I can continue to camp and document my trips for years to come. 

04. Why You Need to Love Yourself First | December 2018

One of my greatest insecurities is not realizing that self-love is more powerful than relying on the validation and dread over what society says "love" is and why everyone should have it, experience it, and that their self worth is dependent on it. I don't think I've ever been real or more heartfelt about my feelings about this, and I was probably very much in my feelings the night I wrote it, but the message holds true and I'm glad I was able to be so open about it. 

05. What Happens in Europe Stays in Europe | July 2019

This is just a moment I had of pure bliss during my study abroad trip last summer. Honestly, one of the best experiences and trips I have ever been on. It felt like a dream being able to do what I love and travel the world's most vibrant countries. I keep yearning for this trip and I am very keen to keep on exploring new countries in the future.
This blog has been through a lot of my life and has evolved as I've grown with new experiences. It's humbling to know how much this art form allows you to do, to express, and to voice your own opinions and thoughts about anything and everything. 

If there is anything special I would ask of this anniversary is that anyone reading this is inspired to use their voice as a power for change of thought and positive discussion. I plan on continuing this blog and this community I have created because of the impact even just one voice can make. I am passionate that writing will allow us to all find creative and expressive direction in all that we aspire to do.  Thank you all for supporting my blog and creative endeavors throughout the years! Cheers to five more :) 

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