The Stay-at-Home Hair Edit

If there's one thing I've been asking for, it's a hair cut. My last hair cut (as gross as it is) was last October. When I was in high school, I was getting hair cuts every two or three months to maintain my long bob, but now that I'm growing my hair out I figured that I might as well see how far I can go with managing my hair. I think I've been doing a good job with it because I haven't felt the need to use hot tools or a ton of products to hold it in place—like I do that normally—but it's been nice to let my hair hang loose a natural for a while. 

Thankfully, I have secured an appointment with my hairdresser to fix up my color and length. I'm thinking about going brighter and possibly blonder, but my sisters say they love my brown hair, so we'll see what I'm feeling! I started coloring my hair about two years ago and I have to say, I think I'm obsessed. It's true—the new seasons bring new hair reasons! 
My hair routine has not evolved much since I last talked about it, but I do continue to use my trusty staple products in moderation. Every now and then I like to use a little spritz of styling spray to make my hair feel more "done". The newest addition is this Tresemm√© Compressed Mirco Mist. I use it to add more texture and volume than I do for hold. I love it because your hair is not frizzy or sticky and it's a great pick me up when you feel like wearing your natural hair down. 
There are other products I love like the Ouai Texturizing Hairspray for some added hold and body. I also have a new find, the OGX Honey Hold spray for indestructible hold on more humid days when I want my curls to stay in place.  

I will fully disclose that I am not sponsored by Amika products, but if the opportunity arose, I would definitely love to be a brand ambassador for them. Growing up I used mainly Tresemm√©, so I thought it was about time to give my hair some love, especially now that I am coloring it. 
My hairdresser got me obsessed with their products and I realized that my hair has become so dry over the years, partly because I wasn't using the best products for my hair, but also because I was using chemical stripping shampoos and conditioners. I also shower a lot since I workout and am constantly active, so I made sure to put my hair first and find products that won't strip it away of its nutrients and color. 

I scored and found this set at TJ Maxx and would highly recommend looking there first for more higher end hair products. They have a great selection of salon rated brands for decent pricing. Plus, I've had these bottles for a few months and I have barely used half of it. One product that has really saved my hair has been Amika's The Shield Style Extending spray. Now that it's starting to get humid, I like to spritz this on top of my hair as the finishing seal and it has really proved to have staying power. Most products I've found that promise to keep a hold, will flatten within a few hours, but I think I've found my staples and will continue to enjoy them throughout the summer. 

How have you been managing your hair recently? 

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