My May Goals

It's already the second week of May and I'm sure everyone has been counting down the days until we can find a little more normalcy. My best friend just graduated college, my sister is done with her freshman year, and I'm still pulling out the last four weeks of my junior year online. Maybe counting down the days has made these past few weeks go by quickly or just the desire to be in a different time period. May is usually one of my favorite months because there's some promise for tomorrow and of course, summer. 

I think I've embraced this slower pace of life and not having a specific plan for every day. It has been refreshing and humbling. I just feel content and more grateful, there's not much going on, but I thought since I've kept up with the monthly goals, I would stick with it! 

01. Slowing it down. Like I said, I've kind of enjoyed having a little bit of a pause and not feeling like I need to keep up with everything. Whether it be with school, my blog, or future plans, I have felt a release from needing to make appointments for everything and checklists to do later. I've seen a change in myself and not having a reliance or need to control everything. 

02. Winning an honorable mention. I've mentioned this briefly before, but over the past two semesters, I have been involved in the PRSSA Bateman Competition where over 70 other PRSSA chapters compete and implement a full public relations campaign promoting the 2020 Census. After all of the hard work was done, my team and I were proud to be awarded an honorable mention for our campaign, Love Where You Count. Not to mention the other DePaul team ranked in the top three finalists, this year's competition results made history and heightened DePaul's public relations program. Overall, I am just beyond grateful to have had hands-on PR experience and learning what it is like to be dedicated and passionate about a specific cause and its ability to motivate and encourage change. It will be an experience for the books! 
03. Being optimistic. It's easy for me to switch moods and during times like these, I've definitely juggled with my own mentality and being okay with things not being okay this moment in time. I've found ways to put my energy towards my creativity. Sometimes I still have moments of doubt, anxiety, and just sudden waves of overwhelm. I'm sure there's a common feeling of doubt and worry right now, but you're not alone! It's a new month and I'm hopeful that there will be more positive days ahead. 

04. More silly moments. Sometimes I'll FaceTime my best friend Lauren and we will just crack up about the dumbest things and it just changes my entire mood that day. Even my sisters and I are either laughing about TikToks or memes. Laughter has been real medicine on gloomier days, so May has been the month of letting go and having a good chuckle. 

05. My gardening skills. My project for quarantine was to re-amp our back yard flora with lavender, sweet mint, herbs, and hopefully sunflower that has been sprouting oh-so-slowly, but I think there are sunnier Chicago days ahead. Now that garden stores are open and it's past Mother's Day, I've seen more people out and about trying to spruce up their yards. The trees are blooming and we've seen a few woodland creatures grazing around the neighborhood. Signs of summer are just so promising. 

What have you been up to lately? 

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