Making the Most of a Rainy Day in Chicago

I have become indifferent to rainy days, mostly because nothing requires me to go out and about these days, but often times I enjoy listening to the rain out my window. There's no pining dread of having to leave the house anymore and do your hair just for it to get humid and frizzy. However, one reason I haven't been fond of rainy days is because my productivity level plummets and my motivation level digs itself a deep hole. Rainy days get a bad rap because we associate happiness with sunshine and warm weather—what's not to love? 

On days when the storm hits, and in Chicago sometimes weeks, it's important to not treat rainy days as necessarily bad days. I know a lot of people who find joy from laying in bed all day, watching Netflix, and getting all snuggled up. As much as I wish that's what is was like on a Thursday morning, there's work to be done and things to check off the to-do list. At least in my mind, it's easy for us to hit the snooze button when there could be so many great things happening around us. As someone who loves to be engaged in new activities and adventures, there have been a lot of socially distanced events and things to do in the city on a not-so-sunny day.  

Things to do during fall in Chicago...
My family was able to secure reservations at the Art Institute to visit the new Monet installation of over 60 of his iconic pieces. Art museums, and museums in general, are always my place of choice on a rainy day. It's always refreshing to become exposed to new mediums, new art, new work, and new ideas. I always fall in love with the intricate landscape paintings he's done, especially the Lilypads. Living in Chicago has allowed me the luxury to visit these exhibitions that not many people often get to see, and they had just recently opened the museum in September to the public, click here to learn more. 

Fall Feels...
Lately I've been feeling the fall vibes more than I usually do. Fall can sometimes make me feel more anxious than other months because of the impending doom of winter, but this year was different in that I was excited for my senior year to start. When I'm working on homework or even writing on the blog, I always have music playing—my fall vibes playlist, of course. There's something cathartic about selecting all of the sweater weather songs and artists who just fit the mood of rainy days, falling leaves, and cozy nights in. From Fleetwood to Vance Joy to Maggie Rogers, I've got you covered. Follow my fall feels playlist on Spotify, here

I have got to stop thrifting when I'm bored, but I just can't help myself. The thrill of the thrift is SO REAL. I have found some pretty good items when I'm least expecting it. The top items I look for are picture frames, blue Ball mason jars, and books, books, and more books. I am not a book worm. I never was and I never will be. However, books are so much cheaper at thrift stores! Who knew. Books allow me to escape. Escape Tik Tok, the news, my own thoughts, and I can delve into a world unbeknownst to me. Thrillers are the best page turners and for awhile I struggled to lift the page past the cover. I am currently reading The Girl On The Train, by Paula Hawkins. It's a bit dated and I'm definitely late to this train, but so far it gives me chills before I go to bed. 

This one is kind of a doozy, but updating your resume and getting your career sh*t together always helps, and a rainy day is perfect for tackling it. Either that, or building a portfolio or archiving your emails is always a productive way to spend a rainy morning. I know you don't want to do it, but let me tell yuh, your future self will thank you! Rainy days don't have to make you sad, and they don't have to be unproductive either, but I hope some of my suggestions inspire some new fun ideas for making the most of the seasonal blues. The weather's changing, but that doesn't mean your mentality should suffer because of it. What are some things you do on rainy days? 

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