Making Your Space Feel Autumnal on a Budget

Fall is finally here and I think the majority has been waiting for this time of year since January. The leaves have finally started to show some amber and maroon shades, there's a bite to the wind, and you already know I've had a Pumpkin Spice Chai or two. What I love about this season is making my place cozy, warm, and inviting—much like I set out this blog to be! I know decorating can be a great seasonal hobby for some, but for college students on a budget (and for those who might not feel like going to TJ Maxx or Home Goods for the 20th time this week), here are some extremely budget friendly ways to get your place feeling like Gilmore Girls without breaking the bank. 

Switching Out Textiles...
A simple reshuffle of pillows and throws can make all the difference on the coziness meter of your space. Whether it's changing out a pillow case or flipping over a blanket, it is so easy to make a space feel more inviting and warm with tons of textiles and fuzzy cushions. You can't go wrong with more pillows! Pulling out a fun wicker basket to store them in for friends and family is also a nice considerate touch. 
At Your Local Dollar Store...
The best way to gather inspiration for fall decor on a budget is at your local Dollar Tree or Dollar General. I always find the most inexpensive decor pieces and craft items, more specifically, to create unique and intricate seasonal pieces. I was inspired to create this fall wreath by my cousins who had a wreath making night, so I decided to recruit my good friend to try and create a small one with things I could find either around the house or only from the Dollar Tree. All of the leaves, pinecones, ribbon, string, and even the foam wreath itself were found for less than $10. Instead of gluing everything, we were able to cut the pieces and stick them right into the foam. Here are 32 Easy DIY Fall Wreath ideas! A mini wreath like this will get any door or candle looking festive.
Repurposing Old Prints...
Walls can use a little spruce with updated art and prints! I think the color and patterns on the walls can really impact the warmth of a room, so why not use prints to amplify it even more? No need to go out and buy new prints when you can either draw or paint, reuse, or update old pictures on the walls. 

I love to save my old Rifle Paper Co. calendars and cut them out so I have an array of prints to cycle through and ones that can be perfect for every time of the year. I've never been to Copenhagen, but this print sure makes me want to go! You could even try newspaper or magazine covers to create a collage on my bulletin board as I have with my old film photographs for a vintage and eclectic type of look. 
Make Your House Smell Good...
The best way to instantly make your house feel and smell autumnal is to bake to your heart's content. I made cinnamon banana-nut bread this weekend and even made some extra loaves for later. There are many simple recipes, so here is an inspired banana walnut bread recipe that I love to refer to. I've seen people drying orange slices, roasting cinnamon almonds, and making all of the pumpkin spice flavored baked goods you could dream of. Find the ingredients laying around and you might be surprised at what you can concoct.
This time of year brings so much joy as the seasons change and it shouldn't have to cost you. There should be no pressure to "update" your fall decor because there are so many easy ways to refresh and revitalize what you already have laying around your house. I've even made a #fallfeels2020 Spotify playlist to set the mood and that's really all you need. 

This time of year is meant for big changes and also letting go of things that are built up inside us. If there's one thing I know well, it's reorganizing and redecorating a space, which can always be a mood booster. Don't let the seasonal blues get you down and be inspired to create the coziest abode you desire! What are some budget friendly things you do to make your space feel more autumnal? 


  1. Love love love this post! Such a good way to get creative with the season and bring the colours and shades from outside, inside! Obsessed with the pumpkin garland you have hanging.
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like it is totally Fall vibes now and I am obsessed with the garland—Target Dollar Spot section is the best! X


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