Turning My Back on the Sunday Scaries

It's Sunday, I'm in bed all snuggled up, I just drank a harvest tea blend from Trader Joe's, and all is good in the world—or is it? I often look forward to cozy Sunday nights, but lately I've succumbed to the doom of Monday and my to-do list gets the best of me. What I've been referring to is this sudden sense of overwhelm, anxiety, and restlessness over what the week may bring, or the "Sunday scaries" as my family calls it. Even when I've accomplished all on my to-do list, I always find myself anxious to start a new week. 

I haven't tackled this feeling or have found ways to relieve it as much, but I definitely have noticed why I might be feeling this way and things I can do to change my mindset before a new sunrise. To start, I needed to figure out what may be causing these negative thought bubbles before Monday. I think it has to do with all of the pre-existing stress I might have had that week, things I read or saw on the news, our current state of the world, or just interactions I had that day. If there's anything my conscious is telling me, it's that I need to let that sh*t go. 

When I started realizing that I needed to re-evaluate my stress and negative thoughts as a passing-by, or little bumps in the road, they became things I could take control of. This season is the reason for letting things go, and as hard and intimidating as it may be to try, it's not worth dwelling over. The fear of what's to come consumes us so much that we forget what is possible during the present moment. 

But enough about presence, I feel like I talk so much about it, but it's really me who needs a presence check. Sundays are usually spent out to brunch, going apple picking, going to church if that suits you, or relaxing and reading that book that's sat on your nightstand all week. There are things that don't have to be done right this instant, you are not made of iron, and you definitely need to take your foot off the gas a bit and let things be. 
For those who anticipate the emails they're going to receive, dread over their full planner, or who just can't deal with getting up and starting a new work week, I feel you. It's not easy, but we have to push through day by day, as my dad always tells me. You only know what's happening now, so why dwell on tomorrow when you can make the most of every day you get? At least, I keep telling myself that. 

Turn your back on the Sunday scaries and start filling your days with little joys, indulgences, and by pacing yourself because you got this—and I'm right here with you. 

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