Mystery Solved: Being Content with the Little Things

Fall is the season of letting things go, and that mantra has echoed in my ears all month long. The future is still unknown, I'm still at home, and there's little promise of what's in store. One thing I do hold onto are the little joys I find in each and every day—at least I try to. Being content can be different for so many people who are walking different paths of life and it comes down to your own perspective of what contentment truly means. 
“To be content doesn’t mean you don’t desire more, it means you’re thankful for what you have and patient for what’s to come.” -Tony Gaskins

There's always this outside pressure of knowing what you need to do, where you need to be, and making sure that everything is in place and planned. While this routine is something I know far too well, it controls us and our everyday lives. But lately, I've come to find solace in knowing that there are little positives I can be thankful for. Here are the things that make me content: 

I started a new book this month, called Fable. It's an adrenaline filled adventure on the high seas. Brace yourself for pirate ships and deserted islands, as Fable, a strong and determined pirate, goes up against the forces of nature to find her lost father. It's definitely a page turner and a world worth escaping to. I look forward to it every night! 

I've also been making pumpkin chai tea lattes at home, which have been quite the treat in the morning and a reward for getting through work early and powering through the day. When I'm tutoring, I'll have my iced chai and be ready to meet with new writers and students at DePaul, so it's always a great start to my day when I get to meet with people virtually face to face. 

Since gyms are closed, I haven't been extremely motivated to do work outs, but I have been getting into running more on the treadmill and allot myself some time in the afternoons to running and getting my heart rate up for at least a mile a day. It's been nice not feeling the pressure of having to go to a studio and work out, but I've also felt just more refreshed and can clear my mind a bit when I'm running. 

When I'm feeling like my routine is monotonous and I'm just waking up to do the same thing every day, log into Zoom, tutor, do school work, walk the dog, and so on, I try to make my day different and find the little things that bring me joy. Being content doesn't have to be a mystery, and you certainly don't have to go searching for a better path or situation at the moment. Change your perspective and outlook by accepting the fact that things might be unknown right now. Finding positive ways to cope is all we have at the moment and being patient for better things to come. How do you find ways to be more content?  

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