My November Goals.

Looking Ahead...
The year is soon to be coming to an end. As grateful as I am for that, there have been a lot of things I've learned, even within the last month. It's really hard to even look into December or plan anything for next year, so these next couple of winter months will be a lot of hunkering down and reflecting on a monumental year for us all. I've had my highs and lows, but mentally and emotionally, I've been challenged more than I ever have been. 

I love to try and be an optimist, but in all honesty, I'm quite the cynic. This year has only confirmed it for me, but I want that to change and I don't think it's ever too late to start looking inward to admit that there are always going to be repairs to be made. It was accepting that there were things I couldn't control and other things I knew would make my life easier, brighter, and more positive because I let them go. So, looking forward to a new page on the calendar, I am setting some new realistic goals for myself. 
01. Not leveling up with my inner demons. It may seem quite dark, but I think we all have those inner dark doubts or fears, negative thought clouds, or just straight up anxiety every day because the world is truly at a time when things could be okay one day and all hell breaks loose the next. This month, I will not let them control me. I will acknowledge their presence and replace them with positive affirmations. I know that these pestering thoughts do not decide who I am or what I am capable of, and I hope whoever is reading this realizes that too. 

02. Cutting myself some slack. I am always one to be doing the most when I can, sending out emails and followups, getting assignments done a week early, or delegating tasks like no other. I don't give myself time to breathe or to realize that not everything is so immediate to be dealt with. If there's anything I've learned from quarantine, it's that time has slowed down. There's truth in the normalcy of it, and setting my future self up for success, but if I don't give myself breathing room and a time to digest, I'll get lost in it all. 

03. Finding more creative ways to spend my time. Finding things to do during what will be a second lockdown has been difficult. When the baking, reading, writing, and movie watching is done, it can be hard to find things that are socially distanced now that temperatures are dropping. I could take up a new hobby, try out a new fitness regime, join a virtual bookclub, or start DIY dream boarding a future apartment perhaps. Besides going shopping, I need to invest my time in other engaging activities, but I think the holidays will help inspire some new ones. Who knows? 
04. Thinking about post graduation. It's crazy to think that I am almost two quarters away from a degree. With the constraints of the pandemic and a hyper virtual landscape, competition for a job post grad will definitely be an unruly task. However, I am extremely thankful to have had an internship this past summer to get my foot in the door before I start sending out applications this winter and spring. It will all come down to what full-time job I can find, and I can't even think about where I'll be next year. I'm reassured that the network and community I have been able to be apart of will only cushion the job search and I would hope that employers are more open in knowing how hard this year has been. 

05. Making one thing out of my day positive. We've already established that there is an abundance of negativity looming around us, so my goal for this month is to find and reflect on at least one positive thing that happened to me every day. Whether it be an old friend reaching out to me over Instagram, getting a good grade, actually running a full mile on the treadmill, or simply having a sunny day, there are many things to be thankful for—gratitude is the mood for the season of thanksgiving. 

What are some things you have to be thankful for this time of year? 

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