Spreading Some Holiday Cheer from Home

I know this year has looked different for everybody and the tease of the holiday season is brightening up moods left and right. I've found this year a bit more bearable now that Christmas music is on the radio and all things merry fills Targets near and far. Holiday magic warms my soul every year, and I know how much this season means for a lot of people—but many, like my own, are not able to see their families this year. However, I won't let that stop me from having a joyful holiday season because it's what you make of it! There's still much love to go around. 

This year, I wasn't going to let the worst of the pandemic ruin holiday cheer. I think we need it more than ever, so here are some easy ways you can uplift Christmas spirit—or any spirit—for that matter.

Decorating Early...

There is nothing more cheerful than putting on classic Christmas playlists, lighting some candles, and decorating for Christmas. Even if you don't celebrate, there are many ways to get festive for the holiday season and it doesn't have to be a heavy task either! Sprucing up a side table with mini Christmas trees, hanging a garland up, putting some moody fairy lights around your bed frame, or taking out the festive cushions are always simple, yet refined ways to bring in some holiday cheer to your abode! Personally, I love the homemade, DIY-ed decor like the red and gold wreath I made—there's nothing more welcoming than a festive holiday wreath. I don't know about you, but I am definitely not opposed to decorating before Thanksgiving, just make sure they're put away by Valentine's Day ;P

Checking in on Loved Ones...

This time of year acts as a reminder of those who we love and care deeply for, but might not currently be with us. If there's anything I appreciate about the holidays, it's that this time of year gives us a second chance to check in, keep in touch, and FaceTime long-distanced friends or family members we don't normally connect with. We might even feel like rekindling old relationships, friendships, or creating new ones. I know it's not the best time to be social, but there are safe ways to do so. I am currently planning a virtual family Thanksgiving event with my whole extended family and it makes my heart so full.

Sending Holiday Cards...

Something else that makes my heart so full is the season of giving. Especially sending holiday cards. As a college student, I get a lot of amazement from people who are surprised that I would even go to the extent of writing cards for people, but I believe in the sentiment—even if I don't receive one back. I get a lot of joy from writing these personalized letters to people who made my year, my day, or my life! Rather than an email or a quick text, I want people to know that I care and am grateful for all of the joy they bring me. Perhaps you could start sending out cards to people, too. Why not fill someone else's day with some kind words? You don't have to send them out to the whole town, but start with your inner circle first or those who have shown kindness to you within the last few months! 

These are just a couple of bits of joy I've incorporated into my life and I hope they've inspired you to get into the spirit of the holiday season. This time of year brings a little more love and hope into the world. Wishing you all a very merry holiday and that joy and happiness surrounds you all! X

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