Embracing my Creative Goals & New Blog Plans

I've become a bit of a dreamer lately. You can usually find me overthinking everything, but I guess having so many ideas needs to manifest itself in some shape or form, so that's why I am so grateful for my love of creating. These past six years of blogging have definitely molded into this huge timeline of my life, big accomplishments, goals, and everything and anything I'm thinking about in that given moment. 

Reflecting and saving those benchmarks of my life is not something people normally do nowadays, or if anything, journaling and keeping a diary seems so taboo now that we have social media and our camera rolls to mark those events. I thought it would be a good time to reassess what the future of this blog, my social platforms, and my personal brand is going to look like and where I hope to be heading from here on out. 

This blog is my main gig and what has been an extension of me for so long—my first big platform and what I absolutely love working on. It has evolved in so many ways, as of I, but for a while I've come to a creative plateau where TikTok and YouTube have taken over the blog space. There was actually a time during high school where I was posting constantly every single day and I wonder where I got that motivation and how I was chugging out posts left and right. It also seemed that in college I had much to talk about during the transition and living in the hustle and bustle of the city, so I think now is a good place for me to step back and rethink what I want this blog to be moving forward. 

With all of the artifice that comes with digital life and social media, I've prioritized sharing real life and less "perfection" as most blogs do. I love the laid back style, impromptu bedroom photoshoots, or just candid iPhone pictures that aren't staged. I've also made it a goal to focus on my passions and interests, leading my own creativity and exploring out-of-the-box ideas that aren't cliched or already done before. It's easy to get lost creatively when there is already so much being put out there on the internet, so focusing on ideas that I love and am passionate about only matters to me. 

Sometimes the old beauty updates or quick personal updates will always be my go-to, but there are definitely a ton of different topics I want to explore and express more about. Stripping back my platforms, like getting rid of Snapchat, has allowed me to focus on the type of presence I want to have online and what I want to be communicating and putting out there to everyone moving forward. 
Instagram & Video Highlights

I feel like my Instagram is filled with potential in what I imagined it to be, however, it definitely is catered to an aesthetic. I want to relax a bit with it and just have more laid back postings. I also really want to incorporate my blog on there a bit more and get creative and in tune with stories. I love watching quick, daily snippets of people's lives rather than long haul videos, so I've been dreaming up ideas about how to bring my blog to a new video element on Instagram. 

Either showcasing or previewing what could be on my blog for the week or just engaging or interacting a bit more with other bloggers and sharing what I'm loving live. I'm not one for the spotlight and dread watching myself on video, but hey, we have to get out of our comfort zones as creators a bit right? 

General Creativity Goals

I've definitely rebranded and transformed this blog multiple times, but I want a new dedication to connecting with other bloggers and reaching out further to blogger communities online that are still thriving. I was once an avid Bloglovin' user, a blog sharing platform, and would stay up to date with my favorite writers and creators. Now that I've transitioned my work priorities, I've set my creative goals on the back burner and I really want to elevate this blog in a way that is still true to me and is connecting with those who find interest in it. 

Stepping back and taking a look at what I'm doing and my future plans has definitely been top of mind. It's hard to do more than what I am already doing based on how much time I have during the day—especially fitting in exercise, fun summer activities and dinners with friends, or just logging off and having time without a screen. 

I've always been dedicated to my work, but I don't envision myself as someone who is constantly consumed by it. Balance is key, but I am also thinking that now is the time to start changing it up a bit. This quote resonates a lot with me: “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”. Making small changes to my work and focusing on my future creative goals is definitely something I want to focus on in the coming months, so stay tuned! 

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