My Midsummer Essentials

On warm summer nights you'll find me running out the door with my sister and best friend, carrying only our wristlet keychain and phones, ready to get Dairy Queen for the fifth time that week...pure bliss right? There is no better feeling than finishing a work day, wearing your pajamas, and going on a joy ride with a cherry dipped vanilla cone in hand. 

Relaxed summers are what I'm all about and there are just a few common essentials I have at all times. With the blend of work and play, I'm always at the ready for spontaneous summer outings. Before I'm out the door, I'll probably spritz a little bit Ralph Lauren Romance on my neck and wrists because who knows what summer love you might fall into at Dairy Queen amirite? I might even feel a bit more saucy and pop on my absolute go-to lipgloss, Gloss Bomb by Fenty Beauty. It's like ice cream on your lips all the time. I'll swipe on some Diorshow and we are ready for the ball! I mean mall...like there's a difference?  

You probably won't even recognize me because I have my Ray Ban Aviator shades on 24/7. It took awhile to convince myself that these would be worth buying, mainly because I am just obsessed with collecting and wearing different styles, but for a long time I was looking for the perfect pilot aviators that fit my face and I will never go back to any pair. If you're even thinking about Ray Bans...do it. I also highly recommend trying them on in store before ordering from any resale site...wink. 
Along with accessories, I've been really into dainty gold jewelry. I just think it looks so timeless and delicate. Just one simple gold chain and a stack of rings is all I need to feel like I'm put together during my Zoom meetings. I get a lot of my jewelry from Madewell, but whenever I go on vacation or visit new places I constantly look for unique pieces. 

As much as I love a good bag with any outfit, I'm actually not that into big bulky purses. A simple wristlet will do for me. 

I really wanted a small wristlet to have for quick trips to DQ, Target, or anywhere else to be honest. This is the Kate Spade laurel way bitsy and I found it on sale about a month ago and it has been the perfect bag for holding my card, license, and links right to this wristlet strap I found on Amazon. It's like a leash for my wallet and I love it. 

I've had some pretty blissful summer nights and not worrying about what I need to bring or carry is preferred. Worry free days in the sun can outlast as long as it pleases and I am not complaining. I've got just what I need and sure—there's plenty of ice cream to go around. 

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