Ready to Embrace Autumn.

My blog has revolved around a lot of things, but one of the most recurring topics is the current season that I'm in—I mean the weather and time of year is always topic of conversation because it seems to be a marker for certain stages or phases of my life. 

Fall happens to be my favorite and every year I am always ready a month early for crisp evenings, changing leaves, and not having to sweat every time I leave the house. With the impending winter months ahead, I try not to think about it too much and embrace the season of letting go, creating warmth, and the holidays ahead.  

I thought I would accumulate a list of what I'm currently looking forward to this fall, and I can 100% admit that my bedroom is already decorated with pumpkins, cozy blankets, and twinkly lights—and I will be documenting it for all of you soon! 
Layers, Layers, & More Layers

One of the best things about fall is the wardrobe: the ripped denim, flannel shackets (for those of you who are unfamiliar, they are shirt-jackets), cozy crew socks, ankle boots, and the warm color palette I feel my best in!

I also feel like my fashion sense just gets a boost because there are so many more options for layering or pairing sweaters with different types of pants, as opposed to figuring out what to wear with the same Levi jean shorts I've worn all summer long. 

Fall Outings

I'd like to still think that a lot of fall happenings will resume this season since the majority of activities are outside like pumpkin picking, apple picking, Oktoberfest, haunted mazes, and farmers markets. No matter what's going on, I think fall walks are my favorite and my family and I love taking Cooper to our nearby nature preserve on the weekends for new scenery and a glimpse of just some of the changing leaves that Illinois gets at the beginning of October. That and bonfires are a must-have. 

A Shift in Focus

What I would have labeled as "letting go" has made me realize that even as much as the leaves change, fall, and die off, there's something beautiful about the way this season brings out things we don't normally notice when the greenery takes over during the summer months. My mom and I actually just discovered a couple of foxes that live in our neighborhood and nest in the brush behind my house, but during the summer we never really could tell where they were coming from. 

Much like the exposure of new natural beauties, I find that fall allows us to focus a bit more internally as summer was all about external interaction and socialization, for me at least. Whether it be working on how I manage my time more efficiently to align with my creative goals or push myself harder to continue to stay motivated during these shorter and darker days. In addition, focusing on my personal growth and leaning on the strong relationships I have with the people I love and care about the most. As we get into the holiday months, which can sometimes be isolating for some, I want to stay grounded and uplifted by the people who support me—falling into focus on what matters the most. 

Thinking About the Future...
This time last year was all about hunkering down and looking forward to nights in while continuing to finish up school. There wasn't really a plan in sight and I was just beginning to look for internships. I also was buffering up my resume and experiences, so I was doing everything I could to gather all of my past work for just the stepping stone to the beginning of my career. 

Now that things look a bit more promising, I have intentions of moving out as early as next year. What I've realized though is that what is mean't for me will come in a matter of time. I always feel reassured by that and am taking in the signs of autumn each day as it comes. What are you looking forward to this season? 

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