Falling Into a Healthier Mindset

There is so much dread this time of year. Not just because it's spooky season. There's a lot of dread because days are getting darker, the air is getting colder, and the lull in summertime fun and fall activities starts to fizzle out once the first frost blows over. 

The holidays are just a good distraction above all else. Even in recent years I was either cramming for final exams or trying to navigate my way through the city while the months started to drag—my mindset started to drag. All of that promise and motivation at the beginning of fall simmers, but this time around I don't feel it that much. 

After over a year of just utter confusion, despair, and all things chaos in the world, I think I am coming to terms with finding new ways to cope and have been re-evaluating my outlook when it comes to my mentality and being proactive in finding ways to combat those fall-time blues. 
Connect & Rekindle...
One of the best ways I've committed to a more positive mindset is by surrounding myself with positive and supportive people—seems easy right? I am lucky enough to have close relationships with my family members, but as of late, I've been meeting a lot of genuinely good people. Whether it be at my gym, rekindling old high school friendships while at home, or even fostering new ones with my colleagues now that I've headed back to the office as of late. 

As much as I thrive being on my own and finding my own modes of independence, I rely on others as much as becoming immersed in their stories and knowing that there's always more to learn from people. That in itself has given me comfort because for a long time, there was nobody, and I felt like there weren't ever opportunities to meet new people. 

Wholesome Habits...
In addition, I've been creating healthier habits for myself and am latching onto them on a daily basis. Every morning I make sure to not just log into my phone or computer and actually take time to get ready, listen to a short podcast or horoscope like Leo Today, and set my intentions for what I want to do and get done that day. I'm also working out and am being consistent with how I treat my body. Not to mention, limiting my alcohol intake and just fueling my body with what it really needs. 

Fear is Temporary...
I can't remember if I read this on a notepad or saw this quote on my Motivation app, but I think it definitely fits the theme of spooky season and has resonated a lot with me lately because I'm finding myself taking a lot of risks and jumping head on into situations I don't think twice about—in a good way, at least. 

There are so many things that hold us back from making decisions. So much so, that I am just taking my own free will to trust my gut and jump on opportunities that come my way. Whether it be a simple decision like whether or not I introduce myself to a new colleague in the hallway or committing to something more physically challenging like squatting 185 pounds. Whatever it may be, I am beginning to admire the new part of myself that is open and not afraid to be uncomfortable any. more. I know this fear will go away eventually, so why not take the risk? 
We all have the ability to change or improve our mindsets and I think developing a positive outlook, as hard as it can be, is something we all try to reach for. I mean who wants to be sucked into a lonely hole in their head? I hope the answer is no one. 

Surrounding myself with positive people I care about, maintaining and developing consistent healthy habits, and letting myself be open and one with the process is how I've embraced discomfort and have learned to cope with those sometimes unsettling thought clouds.

My mental health is a huge priority for me right now, as it always has, but I feel reassured in knowing where I'm at and benchmarking my progress from months ago. The more I write and the more I talk to others, the better it gets, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has been feeling at a loss with their head or just need some clarity and relief from noise. 

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