Fall Makeup Musthaves: Back to Basics

Sometimes I forget how much I love makeup, but truly, the allure of hunting for a specific product everyone is hyping up on YouTube is just so thrilling sometimes. My best friend and I would run to CVS in middle school for the next EOS lip balm flavor or Mane and Tail shampoo. There's something so comforting about drugstore makeup and it's just as good if not better than some of the higher end products I've used before. 

The first tried and true product, one that I always pick up when I run out, is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer which saves me when I'm on the run and don't have the time to fix or prep and oh look I'm out the door! This concealer does wonders and half the time I don't use any other face makeup with it. 

This next one was a recent addition, but one that I cannot live without anymore! I'm all about achieving that "JLo Glo" and the Wet 'n' Wild MegaGlo highlighter is my go-to. I used this throughout high school and college. It's the creamiest pearlescent highlighter I've ever used! 
Walking on Eggshells was thee palette I used when I didn't want to "waste" my Tarte palette for every day wear. Smooth, creamy, with just a tad bit of fallout to smoke it out a bit and create the perfect golden smoky eye in minutes. All while using one finger and studying the eyeshadow placement diagram on the back of the palette. Topping it all off with some dreamy Clinique High Impact mascara, which I know is not drugstore, but would always find in my mom's makeup bag growing up. 

I have very thin eyelashes, so much that I've taken to research lengthening serums and formulas that will thicken my lashes. I never thought you could even grow your lashes or eye brows, but the Maybelline Lash Sensational Serum has turned my lashes into butterfly wings. I kid you not, I can tell the difference after using it for one week and my lashes just look and feel fuller when I put mascara on. 
I've definitely swayed away from using lipstick over the years, but there's always a time and a place for ramping up my usual look. I stick to neutrals mainly like nudes or rose-blush shades, like the Maybelline Nude Nuance or any of the cult Sensational Creamy Matte lipsticks they have. I used to be into the deep red and berry shades, but have not been that bold as of late. 

Maybe it's time to switch it up? That's what I love about these drugstore finds, they're accessible and affordable—but also just hands down great products that everyone can reach for. What are your current fall beauty must-haves? 

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