My March Goals.

Hello, March! It's time to turn a new leaf and wish the snow be gone. The lull of dark winter nights is slowly but surely fading and I'm ready for a spring refresh in the coming weeks—life's been good these past couple of months, so I thought I would write a brief update on all the winter happenings and what I'm looking forward to this month! 

01. Continuing work from home and transitioning into the office this spring. So far, I have been really embracing my work-from-home routine, especially since the thought of commuting in 20 degree weather just isn't ideal at the moment. I've been switching up my days by going to coffee shops or working at my gym's lounge before I workout and I've also really enjoyed getting to know my team more over the past couple of months. I've been able to work on some fun campaigns for Trolli Gummi Worms and General Mills cereal brands, so it's been a lot of fun and every day is different for me. I know I'll be heading back into the city soon, but for right now, I'm totally okay with waking up at a reasonable time and having my morning coffee without worry of catching a train.

02. Setting boundaries and creating time to dedicate to myself has been my motto. With balancing time to go out with friends, travel a lot more, and work full time, I have honed the ability to be fully content with just having time and peace to myself every now and then. I think I've fully grown into my introverted-extroverted self. I am okay having time at the end of a long work day to decompress or go to the gym and run it out to Lizzo. Setting boundaries for me to reset, be productive, and work on me—even getting back on my blog—has always helped me stay grounded. 

03. A wedding, a wedding! No...not my wedding, silly. This month I'm headed down to Virginia for my good friend's wedding and I can't be more excited to actually be at a wedding with people my age. Now, before I get too old and sick of weddings, I just love to celebrate love with the people I love. That AND open bars AND cake. 

04. Speaking of traveling, I've had a bit of a travel bug lately and planning quick, spontaneous weekend trips just seems to be in the cards for me lately. With skiing in Idaho, to a weekend trip to Georgia with my best friend, the wedding, and next...well I've got a big trip over the pond in the works for this summer, too! 

While keeping tabs on happenings throughout the world (I say that so so lightly), my cousin and I have booked a trip to Italy and France later this summer. Details to come later, but we are thrilled and are fleshing out the itinerary as I speak...so stay tuned! 

05. So, this is really cheesy and gimmicky, but to remember the joys of each day I've been writing down little blurbs of good things—whether it be my hairdresser keeping a clip I left in the salon a year ago or just simply treating myself to Chinese takeout, I've made it a point each day to reflect on one good thing. Big or small. It keeps me in check and focused on what matters and what makes me happy. After I write these little blurbs down on my mini Post-Its, I drop it into a blue mason jar on my bookshelf for safe keeping. When one day I find myself in need of a little uplift, I can open one of these blurbs and remind myself of all the good I've experienced. Cheesy enough yet? 
The newness of spring is on the horizon and I'm ready for whatever may bloom this month. Keepin' it fresh and being open to change—or even cultivating change—in my routine is on my radar and I'm looking forward to sunnier and longer days ahead!

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