Spring Beginnings

On this Easter Sunday as I'm writing this, I'm in disbelief that spring is just around the corner. With the promise of new blossoms (not to mention new and returning allergies), I am dumbfounded by all of the new changes as we head into a transitioning season full of life, warmth, and color. The environment definitely has an effect on my mindset, mood, and sense of self—hence me always talking about it at the beginning of a blog post—but I always feel like the atmosphere has an impact on all things happening for me, and I want to share some new beginnings and things I am looking forward to this season! 


01. Embracing new and old relationships. Maybe this whole "blossom" metaphor is a bit overkill, but I like to think that it aligns perfectly with my current social happenings and experiences as of late. This time last year, we were all trying to get back "out there". Going to outdoor patios, backyards, and anywhere and everywhere that was safe enough to actually be together. 

Jump to present—I've been comfortable enough to go to bars, clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, the gym—you name it. I really didn't think I would meet anyone new or develop new friendships (let alone in my hometown), but I was wrong. I think this sudden and newfound urge to socialize has made it easier for me to meet people and feel less pressured to put myself out there. And to just be myself. And I am entirely grateful for that and the amazing people I've been able to meet and continue to meet because of it.       

02. Work/life balance has been coming to fruition as the sun begins to shine and I'm itching to want to spend my afternoons absorbing any ray of warmth—I can't wait for longer days, last minute dinner plans, outdoor fires, and actually being able to work outside and sit at our patio. It really took me awhile to adjust to my routine of an 8 hour work day spent within the four walls of my bedroom—if not at our dining room table (for a change of scenery that is). However, I've just started going back into the city and am meeting more fellow colleagues. For awhile, it was hard for me to feel like I belonged at my agency, but the more and more I dedicate to meeting people in person or over the phone, the more sense of humanity I start to feel—like work isn't just work. I show up for the people and that's what continues to keep me there. 

03. This travel bug I've had has not gone away. With the cadence of work life, I am constantly thinking ahead to what's next on Natalie's travel list. What next spot or destination can I look forward to. Now, I know that I've had some really stellar trips this year and a big Europe trip to come (more on that later), so I realize that it's not typical to be constantly going places every month, but hey one of my goals is to travel and as long as I am able...anchors away! Over Memorial Day weekend I will be visiting my good friend Kyra in Myrtle Beach. I went to a beach wedding not far from there on Ocean Isle and one of my most cherished memories was getting out of bed really early in the morning to watch baby sea turtles hatch on the beach and shining our flashlights on the sand to guide them to shore. I am definitely in need of some beach days that's for sure—and I can't wait! 

04. Finding time to dedicate to my blog, in addition to doing the things I love and that fill me up, has been my mantra this past month. Although it took me a month to sit down and dedicate to it, I was also juggling other things such as work but being present with friends, family, and my goals as well. But that comes with creating boundaries with people and remaining true to doing the things that you love—the things that feed you. I've made many reservations for why I shouldn't put myself first, but as the queen of all things self care and holding true to prioritizing your wellbeing and mental health, it takes a whole person to be able to give the most to someone else. So within the next few months, and years of my life, I want to continue to pursue those things that fill me up and bring me joy. While not having to sacrifice or de-value my priorities and set aspirations—and making the time to continue to stay motivated in those endeavors so that I can share my whole self. 

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