A Halloweekend in Lake Geneva

There's nothing I love more than a fall getaway up north. Especially if it means getting away from Halloweekend shenanigans. I'm sorry not sorry, but the holiday just isn't my jam. If there's anything I've learned from experiencing it through the years—I would much rather be snuggled up, watching Halloween movies, drinking a glass of wine. And so we did.

Ben and I made our way up north for a cozy cabin we found in Narrow Lake on Airbnb. With the colors still lasting, the smell of wet and burning leaves, and anticipating that lake view we obsess over—we knew we had to squeeze the last bit of fall this month before winter comes. 

Day 1

The cabin itself was quaint and newly renovated. I always envision wood—just lots and lots of wood. For optimal cozy fall vibes, there's nothing better than a log cabin. Perfect for two of us. 

We definitely wanted to cook while we were there and make the most of the fully stocked kitchen—we brought wine, steaks, and made french toast and coffee for breakfast. But Friday night, we opted to go downtown Lake Geneva to eat some wood fired pizza at Oakfire along with some beer and a deliciously warm hazelnut old fashioned which is the perfect warm cocktail for me!

Day 2

Saturday we had an easy morning and decided to walk the Lake Shore trail around the water. The trail lines the lake and mansions around the perimeter. 

With intricate pavings, disassembled boat docks, and stone bridges, we enjoyed the morning before heading to Barrique for a quick wine tasting and walk around downtown. 

After that we came back to the cabin for some R&R and to make BLTs for lunch. In the afternoon, upon request, was to go find some pumpkins or at least a farm to go and nit pick at the produce, oddly shaped gourds, but more than anything to bask in all of the fresh baked goods at Pearce's Farmstand. There was a really big corn maze too, but Ben and I were wimps and opted to head to the Boat House patio instead to watch the sunset over the lake before heading back to cook our steak dinner and watch How Harry Met Sally. 

I crave weekends like these all the time. But the reality is, we can't always pack up our things and escape when we want to. I cherish times like these and moments where everything just slows down. It's already the end of October and the holidays are creeping up on me. 

Finding time to be still and recharge is essential for me. Even without getaways like this, I make the time to let myself decompress—get away from the hustle and bustle. And what I've learned is that life up north ain't too scary... 

Wishing that everyone had a safe and spooky Halloween! 

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