Some of my favorite things lately.

Some tried and true, some new! Ever since I started blogging years ago, I always enjoyed rounding up my favorite products, happenings, and experiences to share with all of you. And even just to look back upon to see what I was into at that certain time. 

My taste and style hasn't changed too much but I would say it's evolving nonetheless. TikTok has been a big influencer of that lately but some of it is just my own wonder for trying new things. A mish-mosh of beauty and lifestyle products—here's a snapshot of what I've been loving recently! 
Yves Saint Laurent Libre — I never thought I was really into floral scents, especially because I despise rose. However, warm and muskier perfumes are just my jam recently. This one has notes of lavender and orange blossom which aren't as poignant. I use this almost daily and I need to slow down a bit with it. My go-to scent at the moment and it won't disappoint. The perfect gift for her, too!  

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer — I have gone through as many BB creams and tinted moisturizers as I could think of and I was never really loving any of them. Since I don't wear makeup every day, and don't prefer the full coverage feel, I have always just wanted something light and natural. Nars has never let me down. This tinted moisturizer is the only foundation I ever reach for and it can't be beat in my book.

Eyebrow Things — My eyebrow journey has come a long way. I think one of the biggest game changers has been Tweezerman tweezers that I have been obsessed with. There are no other tweezers that are as sharp or as precise. I have also been setting my brows with the Benefit 24 Hr Brow Setter which I am pleased has not made my brows sticky but keep them in place all day long. 

Podcasts — I know so many people who rave over their podcasts, but I have never really had the time to invest into listening. The same with reading lately. But the latter is much easier than sitting down and opening pages, so I took to start listening to one that I find meaningful to my every day life (as opposed to all of the true crime or gossip banter out there)— Let's Talk About Mental Health. Jeremy Godwin goes through different mental health struggles or topics and I've been invested in his episodes when I walk on the treadmill. That and listening to my daily Leo Today horoscope of course. New perspectives, open ears, open mind. It's been a daily ritual.
Staedtler Pens — Even during college, these have been my beloved writing utensils. Especially for planning and organizing my week, I love a good colored pen. These are really fine tipped and I love all of the color options. 

Rifle Paper Co. Calendars— Every year for Christmas I ask for a calendar. And no matter what, it's usually one from Rifle. I love that they can be time tables and wall art at the same time. I even cut off the bottom of the calendar to keep the art rotating year round as I please! They're always so creative and I am always willing to spend a little extra on these because they're just so pretty to look at. 

Room & Pillow Mists — I always have some sort of room spray or pillow mist on hand. Maybe growing up and having them in the house influenced that or just wanting to always have a good smelling space. I was into essential oils for a little bit but their scent can be a bit too strong at times. I've been using this Hearth & Hand zest room spray and it brings the perfect citrus and freshness to my room. On days I don't burn candles, this is what I have been loving lately. 

That's a wrap for now! It's all about the little things that bring joy and I believe that enhancing your space and your routine make for a more wholesome way of living. No—you don't need a room spray or a new perfume, but sometimes investing in yourself and your favorite things make life a bit more joyful.

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