January is for Mindful Productivity

January is always the month that I get on top of things: my work, my schedule, my sleep, my fitness, my organization, you name it. And lately having a cadence of things to do has kept me right on top of things. Between working from home, keeping social, and taking care of me—all of these things come through balance, prioritizing, and also respecting my own boundaries because ya girl's got things to do! 

I thought I'd share some quick tips on how I keep my life in order and also promote daily productivity—mindful productivity—that keeps me from burning myself out. A lot of it has just become first nature habits (and part of my homebody, type-A personality) so find what works best for you. 

01. Having a dedicated work space has been a dream, but for now, I have my long-time makeshift vanity turn desk and I have really outfitted my workspace with all of the tech tools I could need. I recently upgraded to having a laptop stand, wireless key board and mouse, as well as a phone stand which is a true game changer. I also love having the keyboard and elevated computer so I'm not straining my neck all day. I also have my weekly desk planner, a daily planner, and my master planner (who could need that many planners?). All of these things help me stay on top of appointments, meetings, workouts, and planning my to-dos for the week. The next update I think I'll make is a more comfortable desk chair. 

02. I find key stationary staples that I love to help me stay organized and I always feel like aesthetic stationary just pulls everything together, while making planning a bit more fun. Whether it be rose gold scissors, choosing a new Staedler pen color of the week—it's the little things right? It also just makes goal setting something I look forward to every Sunday. 

03. Going to bed early has been a challenge, but more recently waking up earlier is even harder for me. Something I have started doing is romanticizing my morning routine even when I work from home. Whether it be setting out an outfit, looking forward to a morning walk or cup of coffee, or even securing a spot to work for the morning at a coffee shop or my library. I've been trying to wake up between 6-6:30 to readjust my circadian rhythm and not be kicking myself in the morning for hitting snooze. 
04. I have always been consistent with fitness or staying active for at least 30 minutes a day. And walking Cooper only helps me during the day so I can get some fresh air and take a breather. I've seen everyone with the walking pads and treadmills while they work but that's just not realistic for me. So, every day I will plan to go to the gym or workout class to dedicate at least an hour to myself. I've really tried to be a morning workout person, but I think walking better suits my routine...it's just hard when it's 30 degrees. 

05. Going out and about on my weekends or weekday evenings keeps me inspired. Since I do stay indoors most of my time to work, I have been taking up some new hobbies like playing intramural volleyball, getting back into blogging, watching Masterclass videos, trying new foods/recipes/restaurants, or taking myself on "mini adventures" to new parts of town or shops. Rather than doom scrolling on social media, I want to invest my time in more mindful and inspirational activities or habits. 

06. For anyone working from home who tends to get in a "funk" or can sometimes feel cooped up, I would recommend changing up your scenery if you can! My sister actually apartment sat in LA for a friend one month and it totally helped with her ability to feel more inspired and less cooped up during the cold Chicago winter. Even if it means finding a new coffee shop, work buddy, or going into the office once or twice a week—I've looked forward to changes in my routine that spice things up a bit.  The beauty of working from home is that you can practically work from anywhere, so why not take advantage of it? 

This month for all is the month to get back on track and into the swing of things. But I find that keeping to a routine that balances everything, most importantly taking care of yourself, makes me feel the most productive and less burnt out each week. What are some habits you employ to stay on top of things? 

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