What I've Been Loving and Focusing on Two Weeks into the New Year...

It's already the middle of January but it's felt like the holidays were an entire year ago. HA. Dad puns aside, going into 2023 was smooth and a very necessary reset for me. Thankfully I had a week off from work to spend with my grandparents in Iowa, binge watch Game of Thrones, and eat really good food. Getting back into my routine: starting work back up again, working out, eating healthier food, and better sleeping habits have all been my focus lately. 

With the occasional outings with friends, I would say that I am just a true homebody and I'm okay with it. I know that there are always going to be good things to look forward to and I'm ready for what's next! As I'm thinking about this year and what I want to accomplish (sans resolutions or fake diets), I am relishing in gratitude and being more present in life. 

01. Being more intentional with my time is a big habit I want to start this year. I've always been good about setting my goals and working towards things I'm passionate about but I don't want to get too comfortable. Whether it be waking up a bit early, being consistent with my workouts, not doom scrolling on my phone but reading a book instead, or getting coffee with a friend. Or how about—writing for this blog! This blog has always grounded me back into what I love and has kept me inspired for years. It's just a hobby, but something I've created. Pretty cool if you ask me. And I have no plans of letting it go. 

02. Trip planning and travel this year is still up in the air, I'm not quite sure if that means going abroad again or finding somewhere new to visit nationally. I would love to go to a new national park or somewhere very scenic this summer but I'm also down for more weekend road trips and spontaneous adventures too. Colorado maybe? San Diego? Camping is definitely on my list! 
03. I love learning, and when I graduated, I felt like I lost a wealth of knowledge about a ton of different subjects and classes I was pretty invested in. Of course, I learn a lot in my job and the research that I do every day, but it's different when you're not studying or writing papers and are really tackling or analyzing niche topics like environmental studies or memorizing a language. My boyfriend got me a subscription to Master Class for Christmas and it is this library of classes taught by professionals and public figures on a plethora of different subjects like cooking, dog training, voice acting, yoga, but my personal favorite thus far has been flower arranging. I am really looking forward to learning new things but just being inspired and motivated to try new things. 

04. And in terms of being inspired by new things, I've felt the need to find little positives in the every day mundane. When life feels stagnant or uninspiring, I definitely try to remember what I'm thankful for but romanticize parts of my day like making my morning coffee, walking my dog, or doing my hair and getting ready for the day even if I'm just working at home. Even if it means snuggling up with my book for 30 minutes or calling a friend I haven't talked to—there are many ways I can find joy in the little things of my day rather than feeling the weight and monotony of a five day work week...as most of us do. 

05. Intuitive and intentional eating has been a focus of mine for a few months now but I am really the victim of late night snacking and indulging myself when it comes to curbing a craving. I think I've always had a really good relationship with food, but I think I would like to focus on fueling my body enough during the day that I'm not reaching for a bag of chips or maybe just eating an orange before a big meal to hold me over. That means more protein and fiber packed meals. It also doesn't help that my mom leaves candy out in bowls and baskets all the time...self control, self control... 

Latching onto any sunny days I can this month, I am definitely manifesting spring to arrive as soon as it can but know that there are definitely snowy days ahead. Cultivating new ways to get inspired is on my radar—and yes, I can buy myself flowers (Miley go off!) in the middle of January. 

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