Fall Casual Wear | Street Style

Hey Lovelies! I have a quick post for you guys!

I have been really into the "Sporty Chic" look lately because it's so comfortable to wear when you're out and about or just having a chill day at home! Joggers have been in this season and they're so cute to wear with sneakers!

I also like wearing this outfit when I work out and since it's getting a bit cooler, these can keep me warm without overheating my body.

My Joggers - HM Joggers
I love the heather color of these pants and the little rose gold accents on the pull-string. They're super soft and I like pairing these with a loose-oversize white tee.
My Tank- Nike Look-a-Like
This dri-fit tank is one of my favorites while I am working out. I absolutely love Nike sportswear and it doesn't stick to you when you work out.
These are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! They're great for training and light jogs or just walking a lot in these.

I have seen a lot of people wearing this type of look and it looks so good on everybody. It's pretty versatile and it makes you look like you put thought into an outfit when you really didn't!

It's a great look for fall and I hope you guys get inspired from this!

Xoxo Nat


  1. I love fall/autumn! Cosy clothes are the best!


    1. I know! I'm so excited!! It's my favorite season!!


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