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Favorite Christmas Decorations

Hey guys! This is a quick little blog on my favorite Christmas decorations I have around the house! Hope everybody has a great holiday and relaxes over the big break!

 Leg lamp ornament from the Christmas Story? Duh.

Cute, chubby, shirtless Santa? Yeah I have one.

 Christmas Mickey and Minnie? Check.

A scene of the leg lamp opening from the Christmas Story? Uh huuh.

An actual leg lamp to go with it? Of course! (We love the Christmas Story).

He sees you when you're sleeping... and flies around and creeps me out but, cool.

My mom's abundance of nutcrackers that sit on top of our t.v. cupboard thing.

And pumpkins. (We've had these since October).

Have a great holiday everybody! Ho-ho-ho!

Xoxo Nat


  1. Starbucks one is amazing!
    Charlotte //

  2. wow I love your decs! That starbucks one is so cool! Lovely post x


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