December Beauty Favorites | 2015

Hi Friends! I am so excited to share with you my top products for this month! It was very hard to decide what to put in this post as I had way to many products that I loved to use this month. After long decision making, I have found the six products I loved using this month and hopefully next month, the new year, brings many many more great products that I can share with all of you. Enjoy!

This palette has done me very well this month and I just received it for Christmas from my sister and I absolutely love it. This is my first Urban Decay product that I have ever owned, I have heard so much rave about their palettes, and I knew that no matter what I would love this palette. Yes, it's not the big twelve or how many shadow palette that everyone has, I wanted to start small and try out some of the shadows before I splurge on the big guys. Plus, everybody is different with makeup and I have very sensitive skin. These shadows are so velvety and opaque. This palette is more of a grayish-taupe hued tone compared to the original basics which is more darker brown and smokey. I recommend this to anyone. Beginners or proteges, everyone will find something they truly love about this palette.

I love my dark reds and berrys for Fall and Winter and this lipstick has really done the job for me this month. Its a very dark reddish purple and you can see the hints of purple in the right lighting and it looks so stunning and sophisticated. If you love bold and deep colors then you'll love this one by Maybelline. They never EVER fail to impress with their lip lines and I really love all of their products.

I got this eyeliner as a gift from my good friend Ellie (ellabyrohde.blogspot.com) and I really liked it. I have never tried Maybelline's eyeliners and this one worked really well. It's a twist up crayon and it's pretty thin and easy to use on both lash lines. I was really astonished at how nice the color pay off was and how easy it was to apply because most crayons I have tried from drugstore brands take a long time to show up. Nice product!

I'm not a huge blush person as it's not something I am completely drawn to at the store. I was in desperate need of a new blush and once again, Maybelline has done it! Their Fit Me range is pretty amazing. This blush is so opaque and pigmented that it gives a nice pinched, frosted glow on your cheeks. It's in between a peachy and light cotton candy shade. The subtle pop of color looks so darling on anyone!

I have also heard a lot of buzz about NYX's buttergloss range and gosh is it worth the buzz. Not only does this lipgloss taste good (and like creme brulee itself), It feels amazing and stays on so so long. I just wore this to my sister's birthday dinner last night and wore it through a movie (Star Wars just so yall know) and throughout the entire night and the color was still there! These are so affordable and so great to have in your bag and in your life!

A funny story comes with this one; So my grandma actually lives in the country side where a lot of Amish people live and have farms. Well, over my winter break, we went to a huge Amish grocery where they have tons of discounted food items like canned goods, candy, cereal, tea, and makeup! The Amish don't really wear makeup but, they get a lot of close-out items and are able to sell them to English people (what they call like normal, city people I guess) for profit. As I was looking through troughs of awesome goodies, I saw this mascara! They had a few other good makeup items but, you always have to be careful since some of the stuff might be old. This eight dollar mascara was only $1.50! It was brand new and I was so amazed! This product gives huge volume and separates every lash. It's a bit dramatic but, I love it so much!

I hope you guys liked this post and please comment any products I could try next! I am really wanting to try Stila's Soul Eyeshadow Palette so if anyone had any review on it I would love to check it out!

Xoxo Nat

Happy New Year!!


  1. I've not tried any of these and I feel bad because of how well you've spoken about them, they sound amazing!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. Haha I absolutely recommend these products to you! I love them so much and I think they're great for anyone who loves makeup!

  2. These products look amazing, especially the Naked Basics 2!

    Alice ❤️

    1. You know, out of all the palettes and basics palettes, this was the one I wanted to try out first and I fell in love. It's not as smokey which I really like about it! x

  3. I was really tempted to get one of the naked basics palettes but couldn't justify spending that much on an eye shadow palette! Lovely post x


    1. It's a very big splurge and I do know that Urban Decay is pretty pricey. That's why I asked for it for Christmas because I knew I couldn't afford to spend that much on one during the year when I had so many other things I had to worry about. But, if you do set aside some money every now and then, you should be able to reach your goal (and I hate waiting for things anyway but, you'll get there!). xx


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