Holiday Planning Tips! | 2015

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a quick guide to help you stay organized over this upcoming and hectic holiday week! Here are a few items that will help you along the way:

1) Stay Organized and On Track
Whether or not you're a big organizer like me and love to plan out your upcoming events and dates, this planner, that my best friend Olivia got me as an early X-Mas gift, is amazing! It has a few sections in the front to keep contacts and addresses as well as some note pages. Then it has two calendars; one for 2016 and 2017! It has a grid section and a writing section for each so you can write out notes to yourself as well. Staying organized over the holidays is something I always lag on and it's important, especially for writing down presents and party dates and to keep these things on track and prepared for the future! And isn't this gold and pastel pink planner just so adorable??

2) Christmas Stationary
I love stationary especially during the festive seasons. At Target they have a HUGE abundance and variety of Christmas cards and note cards-- for literally the apocalypse. Even in the dollar section of the store (where I got the ones up above and can't find a link to) has so many different kinds of Christmas stuff and its so overwhelming! Having extra cards to write and to use as thank you cards can be very helpful during this season in case you forgot someone (I hope you don't forget anyone in your family!) or you met a friend along the way and want to wish them a happy holiday. These cards are so cute and I love the modern, metallic design that's actually pretty festive with the dark and mint green on them. Having blank cards and a good pen is also very handy! And for me, I have sooo many people to write to this year!

Another thing to have is a very handy eraser, like this ginormous fox eraser my friend Isaac gave me that I absolutely love! It's great for "big mistakes" haha. Plus it's like having a little friend on your desk. I might not even use it because it's so cute I don't want it to get ruined!

3) Time Management
If you're a procrastinator like me then you know that rushing to get presents and cards done is a struggle. This year, however, I have been very good and started my planning late November-- thanks to this watch by Folio, that's rose gold and makes any outfit sophisticated and cute. It helped me manage my time: studying for finals (eek I have only three more tests this week), buying gifts, and planning things for the upcoming week. Now my watch didn't like "tell" me when I need to plan or anything, I think just having a watch on you can really help you during the day and helps make sure you're getting all of the things on your daily checklist done! Plus, not being late is a very important thing too.

I hope you guys liked this cute, little post and find it helpful during these last couple of days before the holidays get here. Also, I wish everybody good luck on final exams this week and hope it hasn't been too hectic for any of you guys! Just relax, drink some tea, and read some blogs! :)

Xoxo Nat 


  1. That watch is gorgeous, great tips though!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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