*Bornprettystore Product Review & Code | Brush Set and Jewelry

Hey guys! I hope you have all had a happy new year so far and a great holiday season! Today, I am able to show you some products from Bornprettystore.com that I was able to pick out and do a review on. This is a sponsored post and all of the items shown were sent to me and all opinions are honest and my own.

 So, Natalie, what is Bornprettystore anyway? Well, it's an online beauty store that has hundreds of products and the best thing is-- it's all affordable! I'm talking extremely low prices for things: makeup, jewelry, brushes, phone cases, nail products, clothing, hair stuff, and much much more. They are an Asian company (I believe out of Singapore) and only sell online but, they cater to many countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, they ship pretty much everywhere so you name it!

Bornprettystore is mainly known for their endless supply of beautiful nail products and tools. I have seen many youtubers and beauty bloggers stress about how amazing their nail products are. I was tempted to try them out for myself but, I felt like trying out some of the other great things they offered. I picked out this black and rosegold 20p brush set and I am quite impressed. Here's a better look at what I think about the product/website:

  1. I got this huge brush set (that's very cheap online) with many different brushes for different things. This set had a nice foundation brush, eye shadow brushes, nose sculpting brushes, angled eyebrow brushes, lip brushes, and many more
  2. Very soft brushes and they don't scratch or leave bristles behind
  3. For the most part they all came together and not severely damaged and they were safely wrapped
  4. There is free worldwide shipping
  5. They had many different options and colors to choose from and of course I went for rose-gold
  6. The brushes pick up all product on the brush and work surprisingly well 
  1. Some brushes I received were slightly bent, misshapen, and some had a few imperfections and the top came off on some of them but, really no big deal
  2. The brushes were a bit dirty and dusty. Everyone should wash their brushes after getting them anyway but, there was excess dust particles that flew from some of the brushes
  3. The handle/wooden part of the brush seemed a little flimsy as well but, pretty good for a discounted set

 I really needed some new brushes and these will work out for me just fine for a little while. Compared to Real Techniques, I don't think these really suit up to being the most high-end brushes of all time but, if you are looking for a temporary kit or are just starting out with makeup then these would work wonders. The website itself has so many other options, even cheaper, for anyone looking to enhance their beauty closet and that's what I liked about this store.

I also chose this fox head bracelet which I absolutely love. I was looking through there jewelry section and I fell head over heels when I saw this. It looked so cute and I thought it would look great stacked with my other bangles that I own.

  1. It came safely wrapped and all the jewels were in tact
  2. It fit my wrist well and I think it would fit just about anyone's because it is adjustable
  3. It feels pretty comfortable on and there's no sharp edges

  1. The bracelet did come a bit crooked and misshapen as you can see in the picture
  2. The metal part is a bit rough and is not finished. It looks like the paint may be varnishing or chipping along the edges
I felt okay about this product as it might just seem like a bangle you could get at Forever 21 but, I think if you are looking for a specific type of style or design, then you could get lost (like I did haha) for days on their site because their are so many different options on the site. I did kinda think it looked like a fawn at first but, I think it does look like a fox and it did come looking like the picture on the website so I was okay with that.

 Overall Service:
I was contacted by the seller of the site named Joy and she was very nice to me but, couldn't really speak English that good. However, we were able to communicate very well and I had a great experience talking to her via email as she was putting in my order and I felt very safe giving my information to her. She said that many people (like thousands) have become a part of their website.

Their website itself is very easy to move around and search items for. It's a very pretty, neat looking site and is very inviting. I had a great experience with this store and maybe I'll look into buying things from them again. I felt very secure and safe looking around the site and there was no virus or ad pop up

The shipping was pretty good and considering that it was coming overseas, it did take a couple of weeks to get to my house. I was very pleased when it finally arrived in a white sealed envelope, not a box, that was filled with bubble wrap. So pretty good handling but, long shipping time.

I have a coupon code for all of you to use to get an extra 10% off! Even more savings on top off extreme savings! Isn't that awesome??

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You can only use this code on regular priced items but, the regular priced items are really low price anyway so I don't think that it's a big issue.

 I hope you guys really enjoyed this review and you go check out this store because I know a lot of people enjoy their products and there's always something for everyone on it as well.

I might go check out their phone cases next! Are there any other sites I should check out?

Xoxo Nat

*** All of the items shown were sent to me and all of these opinions are strictly my own, honest thoughts on these products. I wouldn't choose products I wouldn't think were good for you guys or were just me saying they're good to get the free product.


  1. Wow! I never knew this online store existed with such good value products! Thanks for sharing x


  2. Great honest review! That's a shame the brushes were a little dirty but they are great value X

    The Fashion Road

    1. Yeah, I guess that's how it goes when you order products overseas. But, still a great price and overall good product! X

  3. I'm not too impressed by those brushes, I hate ones that come badly looking, it makes me not want to use them straight away!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. I have to agree with you on that. When I first got them, I was very skeptical. But, they are pretty good brushes as I have been using them for a while now. Sure they aren't real techniques (which I love). X

  4. the bracelet is so cute, i love it :)




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